Traveler’s guide to Turkey Kusadasi


Traveler’s guide to Turkey is a series of 5 articles on this exotic travel destination.

Our first stop on my traveler’s guide to Turkey is Kusadasi.

If you’re thinking about visiting Turkey, then I recommend you to mark Kusadasi on your travel destinations map. It is one of the most visited and effervescent resorts on the Turkish coast. Kusadasi lies on the Aegean Sea shore, about 90 kilometers from Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey.

Tourists in Kusadasi can choose any type of accommodation: from hotels (Kusadasi has an impressive number of 3, 4 and 5-star hotels), to fully equiped appartments and houses for rent.

Tourist places in Kusadasi

Where to start? It is not an easy choice, with so many tourist attractions this area has to offer: everything from the beaches dotted with small rocks of all sizes and colors, to the hidden bays with crystal clear waters, the soft sea breeze or the rich and colourful vegetation will help you relax and enjoy every single minute of your vacation.

In Kusadasi resort and everywhere else around it, tourists can enjoy boat trips and yacht cruises, improve their scuba diving, snorkeling and parasailing skills, or visit mosques and archaeological sites.

In terms of entertainment, you will be happy to find that restaurants, bars and discos are open all night, offering their clients traditional foods, beverages and live shows.

Tourist attraction: The Turkish Bazaar

The downtown bazaar attracts crowds of tourists every day. Here, any price can be negotiated and many vendors offer souvenirs to tourists – a cup of tea, a Turkish Delight (the traditional Turkish dessert) or a traditional lucky charm (an object made of glass, which resembles with an blue eye; an interesting thing is that you will find this symbol in almost all places, even on the hotel room doors, on most hotels).

You can mark more travel tips and tourist attractions on next articles from my Traveler’s guide to Turkey.

Posted on: October 4, 2010

By admin