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On this second article on my  Traveler’s Guide to Turkey, I will share a more personal travel experience in Kusadasi, Turkey, flavored with few useful travel tips.

Holiday in Kusadasi

I spent my summer holiday in Turkey this year (again!) and, together with my friends, we chose Kusadasi resort, a place we haven’t visited before.

Here is the story of our Kusadasi getaway and a some useful travel tips for you, in case you chose Turkey for your next travel destination.

Travel tips before you go

If you want to go to Kusadasi or any other resort in the province of Aydın, you should know that flights from European Union countries to Izmir (the nearest airport in this area) are not exactly cheap. Thus, if you don’t want to pay roughly 200 euros for a flight from Bucharest to Izmir for example (plus the airport tax of approximately 90 EUR), it would be wise to book your flight tickets several months before – that way, you will also have the chance to find cheaper accommodation.

Driving to Kusadasi resort

As we decided on a short notice to spend our holiday in Turkey, we thought we should drive our own cars to Kusadasi, instead of paying a few hundred euros on flight tickets.

So, we drove from Bucharest to Kusadasi, crossing Bulgaria from north to south. Our decision was, after all, a good one, despite the fact that it was a 20 hours drive. True, the road would have been shorter if we haven’t wandered through tangled roads of Bulgaria for a few hours or if we have chosen to drive on the highways in Turkey instead of driving through several cities that, eventually, we enjoyed visiting: Edirne, Çanakkale and Izmir.

Kusadasi getaway

The seven days spent here were a real delight: the hotel rooms (I would definitly recommend sea-view rooms) were clean & comfy, the all-inclusive services were excellent and the weather was perfect for beach and boat trips through the nearby bays.

No matter how you chose to go to Kusadasi (by plane, car or bus), I’m sure you will absolutely enjoy your stay here: the weather is great, the people are kind and hospitable, plus, the prices are lower compared with those of other popular resorts in Turkey – Antalya, for example.

Make sure you read my next article on the tourist places near Kusadasi you should mark on your Traveler’s Guide to Turkey.

Posted on: October 4, 2010

By admin