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Romania is a very interesting European travel destination where you can visit a variety of tourist attractions. Among those beautiful tourist places in Romania, there is Maramures, a place still elapsed in time.

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One of the most beautiful places in Romania, surrounded by mountains, hills and crossed by rivers, is the Maramures region – a magnificent land that speaks about the origins of the Romanian people, kept untouched due to their love and respect for the history and traditions.

Visiting Maramures during an early summer, and discovered a fairy-like landscape. Nestled between Oas, Gutai, Tibles and Rodnei mountains, Maramures is an area with thick forests, crossed by crystal waters of the Tisa River. The whole area is populated by villages with old buildings made mostly of wood.

Maramures, an unaltered way of life

The houses have brightly colored, tall, carved wooden gates, which mark the entrance into the family space.

The churches of Maramures, tall and also built of wood, are unique in Europe. Wooden and glass painted icons, true works of art, some of them hundreds of years old, are exhibited here all year round.

Maramures traveling: traditions and customs

During my 5-days trip to Maramures I had the luck to assist to one of the most beautiful rituals of this area: the transhumance (migration of herds of grazing sheep).

In early May, Maramures villagers are celebrating the departure of flocks of sheep led by shepherds from the hills to the mountains, where they are going to stay for the summer. This old tradition is celebrated with fresh milk and specific dishes, thus respecting the traditions, religion and ancient customs.

Discover more about Maramures tourist attractions in my next article on this interesting travel destination in Romania.

Posted on: October 18, 2010

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