Places to visit in Maramures


In this article, I will continue to share with you my travel experience in Maramures with some of  the most interesting tourist attractions you can mark on your tourist guide to Romania.

Places to visit in Maramures

As a tourist in Romania, you can choose several routes, depending on your preference. We recommend including in your list of destinations the wooden churches of Bogdan Voda, Vadul Izei and Sighetul Marmatiei cities.

Here you can find crafts and traditions of local villagers, enjoy the natural spas at Borsa and Ocna Sugatag, the mineral water springs and historic ruins or Chioarului Fortress and Bogdan Voda Fortress.

Another tourist attraction in Maramures is the Mocăniţa, a steam locomotive train that runs through the mountains, along the Vaser River.

Tourist attraction in Maramures: the Merry Cemetery

If you go to Săpânţa, you must visit the Merry Cemetery. The interesting name comes from the blue, yellow, green and red colored funeral crosses, carrying cheerful lyrics inspired by memorable moments in the life of the deceased.

The idea of this unique way of decorating the funeral crosses came from local artist Stan Ion Patras in the 1930s, which turned the common cemetery into an original place of pilgrimage, inspired by a tradition inherited from ancient Dacians – Dacians believed that after death follows a new life, which was a reason for joy and not sadness.

So, there you have it: top tourist attractions in Maramures, that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Romania.

Posted on: October 18, 2010

By admin