Tourist attraction in Greece: Meteora


Greece is one of the top travel destinations in Europe because it is trusted to be the cradle of western civilization.

This country is one of the most exotic travel destinations worldwide where cultural heritage blends wonderful with beach resorts.

Greece is a very popular travel destination in Europe also due to its strategic geographical position on the Mediterranean sea coast.

There are so many tourist attractions in Greece but for now, I will share just few useful info on the amazing tourist place in Greece, called Meteora.

A citadel suspended in the air

Perhaps the most impressive religious monument in the world, located at heights that can reach 4,000 meters, is the group of monasteries of  Meteora in Greece, near the small town of Kalambaka.

I visited the monasteries of Meteora together with my group of friends two years ago and I must say that this place fascinated me. That’s why I decided to share with you this amazing travel experience.

Meteora – a breathtaking place to visit

Located in the middle of Thessaly Plain, on top of Mount Olympus, Meteora (which means “suspended in the air”) is the second largest Orthodox religious monument in Greece, after Mount Athos.

Once in the town of Kalambaka, I was surprised to discover a beautiful, unreal image, a landscape simply breathtaking: high and narrow cliffs with monasteries on top. Some of these monasteries are now no more than ruins of the old medieval buildings, others have been restored and kept in good condition.

The monastery we visited was Great Meteoron Monastery, the largest of the six that still exists today (Agia Triada Monastery, Agios Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery, Agios Stefanos Monastery, Great Meteoron Monastery, Roussanou Monastery and Varlaam Monastery). From our guide we learned that there were initially 24 monasteries that have been built here since the fourteenth century and that the Great Meteoron Monastery was built around 1340 by St. Athanasios Meteorites.

Meteora – you must see it to believe it

If you plan to visit Meteora you should know that public transport can reach only up to a certain height of the mountain, then you will have to climb a long series of steps to the top of the cliffs. For us, this challenge was not discouraging at all – in fact, it made our trip a memorable one. Trust me: once inside the monastery, you will completely forget the fatigue caused by the long climb.

If there was a single tourist attraction in Greece to recommend, that will most certainly be Meteora.

Posted on: October 3, 2010

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