Tourist attraction in Amsterdam – Hortus Botanicus


There are a lot of tourist attractions in Amsterdam but there is one in particular that stays with you long after you fly away from the Netherlands. The tourist place I am talking about is Hortus Botanicus, the world-famous Botanical Garden of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam’s best travel memory

For those who love flowers, trees and plants of any kind, the botanical garden of Amsterdam is the ideal tourist place to spend a few hours. I admit that I am a big fan of flowers myself, so I deliberately placed this visit at the end of my trip to Amsterdam, so I can fully enjoy it.

History of this amazing tourist place in Amsterdam

Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest botanical garden in the world, dating from 1638 and gathering a large number of species of plants (about 4,000!), some of which are very rare.

The garden was initially created by the city authorities for medical purposes, helping doctors and pharmacists obtain the herbs they needed more easily. Later, it was transformed into an exotic botanical garden that everyone, from city’s residents to tourists, could enjoy.

Tourist experience in Hortus Botanicus

The garden is divided into multiple areas, each of which is specially designed for a particular type of climate or plant categories. Palms, old and rare trees, flowers of rare beauty, medicinal plants, over 60 species of coffee collected from around the world – all of this make the Hortus Botanicus a paradise of plants and nature lovers as well. Moreover, here you can meet specialized personnel providing medical advice and recommendations based on (you guessed it!) medicinal plants, but also cafes that offer visitors the opportunity to taste the wonderful flavor of many types of coffee grown in this garden.

So, if you choose a Netherlands holiday, make sure you mark this tourist attraction on your city guide to Amsterdam.

Posted on: October 3, 2010

By admin