Holiday Destination: Balchik


My next recommendation for a nice holiday destination with your family and friends is Balchick.

Balchick is situated on the Bulgarian seaside, a very popular holiday destination in Europe.

There are a lot of  beautiful resorts on the Bulgarian seaside but I am going to share some useful travel tips on Balchick.

Located in northeastern Bulgaria, near the border with Romania and about 60 km from the Romanian resort Vama Veche, the small town of Balchik is the first resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea shore (starting from north to south), followed by: Albena, Golden Sands, Riviera, Varna, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Burgas and others.

During 1913 – 1940 Balchik town belonged to Romania, together with the entire area of South Dobrogea. After 1940, however, the city and the area called Cadrilater were regained by Bulgaria.

Balchik is a small and quiet town, located on the crests of small hills, with narrow streets, paved with stone, which descends through the white painted houses towards the clear waters of the Black Sea.

The natural beauty of the city and its surroundings has always attracted European painters who came here to immortalize it in their works the sea and it’s beautiful beaches, the silver hills surrounding the city and the old, medieval buildings.

Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a cheaper alternative to resorts in the neighboring country, Romania, and Balchik is no exception; in fact, the small and chic Balchik is one of the cheapest resorts on the Bulgaria’s Black Sea shore.

Moreover, if you live, study or work in Bulgaria, Romania or other nearby countries you’ll find that Balchik may be the ideal solution for your weekend getaways.

In addition, Balchik has a treat for sightseeing enthusiasts too: the Balchik Palace (a great place that attracts many visitors all year round) together with it’s botanical garden can be visited in just a few hours.

Read more about this nice holiday destination in Europe and Balchik Palace in my next article.

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Posted on: October 2, 2010

By admin