Strasbourg travel experience – part 2


Best Ways To Discover Strasbourg

A great way to explore the beautiful city of Strasbourg as a tourist is a boat ride through the canals that cross the city (if you enjoyed exploring the neighborhoods of Amsterdam from a touring boat, you will enjoy this too!).
The canals are crossed by centuries-old bridges that connect the city’s neighborhoods and surround the center of the city, called Grande Ile.
The historic center of the city – called La Petite France – is a plece where the medieval era charm is still very visible: here you can walk the narrow cobblestone streets, see the old houses or have a café at a cozy terrace.
A relaxing walk through the city’s streets is another great way to discover the local attractions; my personal recommendation, though, is to rent a bicycle – the most popular choice among tourists in Strasbourg.

Popular Travel Spots

A very well known place among both locals and tourists is the Rohan Palace built in 1681, now converted into a museum.
The Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame (another place you should not miss) is a real symbol of the city – due to the height of its tower, the cathedral is visible from almost everywhere in the city. The amazing architecture of this building, the astronomical clock located here (built by Swiss craftsmen) and the centuries-old organ (whose sound will certainly fascinate you) are just some of the reasons I spend several hours visiting the famous cathedral.
You could also visit many museums, such as the Musée alsacien, the Musée de la Navigation sur le Rhin, the Musée des Beaux-Arts and many others.
The beautifully landscaped parks and gardens are also ideal places for relaxation and recreation – Parc de la CitadelleL’Orangerie Park and the Botanical Garden will be a delight if you plan a sightseeing tour to Strasbourg.

The thing that impressed me the most was the lovely way the French traditions mix with the German culture – this is, I think, one of the secret ingredients of the Strasbourg’s tourism success.
Anyway, Strasbourg is on the list of destinations where I would always love to come back.

Posted on: November 10, 2010

By admin