Strasbourg travel experience – part 1


One of our readers – Cristina M. – decided to share with us her most recent personal travel experience – a holiday in Strasbourg. So, in the following two articles, we will take the tour of Strasbourg, as seen by Cristina.

Strasbourg – beautiful, charming and welcoming

If I were to describe Strasbourg in three words, I would say: beautiful, charming and welcoming.
The French city conquered me since my arrival. Strasbourg is situated on the river Rhine and it’s crossed by one of its affluents – Ill. It is a place with rich culture and history: the number of museums, historical sites, monuments and churches that can be visited here is impressive.
The city has its own, special charm due to the exotic mixture of French romantic influences and German, Gothic style – over its long history, Strasbourg belonged to both France and Germany.
The city is also an important political and administrative European centre: it is the host of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.
Another interesting detail that contributes to the personality of Strasbourg is that here is where the French national anthem, “La Marseillaise”, was born.

The Alsatian Cuisine

Many of you will probably be happy to know that, due to the German influence in Strasbourg, the Alsatian cuisine specific to this area is characterized mainly by delicious AND generous portions – you might find it quite appropriate after a long walk through the city 🙂 – accompanied by full glasses of beer that fits almost any dish – another German tradition.
You should know, however, that Strasbourg is a rather expensive city to visit and this can be quite obvious in restaurants too: a glass of beer can cost you up to 5 euros – about as much as for the cheapest serving traditional Alsatian pizza or a dessert.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story, in our next article.

Posted on: November 7, 2010

By admin