Brasov travel guide


After visiting the Bran Castle and its surroundings, I turned to Brasov – the most famous city in Transylvania, and an important cultural center.

The City Tour

The 30 km trip from Bran to Brasov was a quick ride so I had enough of time before nightfall to visit the Central Square (Piata Sfatului), and the Black Church – probably the most beautiful places to visit in the city.
Piata Sfatului (The Central Square) – the host of the famous Golden Stag International Music Festival for over 40 years – is located downtown at the end of a long walkway, surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants, fountains and monuments. I was lucky to arrive here during a local fair and to attend a concert organized in the center of the square.
The Black Church – which, unfortunately, I could not visit the inside -, located near the Piata Sfatului is definitely a place to be seen. The imposing, Gothic style, construction is known by the name of Black Church after the devastating fire from 1689 that destroyed it almost entirely. The church was restored after the fire and today is a museum exposing sixteenth century Anatolian carpets, old mural paintings and religious objects. The Buchholz Mechanical Organ which can be heard today in the church altar is one of the few in Europe which still works.
Other cultural attractions worth visiting in Brasov are: the Roades Church, the Măieruş Church and the Prejmer Citadel.

A Pleasant Experience

This was my holiday travel guide to Brasov, based on the most interesting places I visited in central Romania. The trip was educational (I learned a lot about the history of these places), and relaxing at the same time – the beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air gave me a boost of energy.
See my tourist attraction map below and set your itinerary for the next visit to Transylvania.

Posted on: November 5, 2010

By admin