Last minute holiday? Go with Rotterdam


If you’re thinking about taking a holiday, getting out of the office for a week or two, find out about last minute holiday deals. Europe is a great destination for a last minute holiday, and Rotterdam is well set-up for tourists, particularly because there’s plenty to see, even if you’re pressed for time. Even if you’re not, there are plenty of canals and beer, what could be better?

Rotterdam is Holland’s international centre, and Europe’s biggest port, giving it a kind of energetic, melting pot atmosphere.  Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese people give it an international flavour, and because it was bombed in World War Two, Rotterdam has dozens of new skyscrapers, making it Holland’s first “skyline city”.

There is a huge number of monuments, museums, galleries, breweries and of course, really good restaurants that serve traditional Nederlands voedsel. If you’re interested in the history of the place, visit Delfshaven, which is one of the oldest places in the city. This is the old harbour, with a shipyard and the famous Pilgrim Fathers Church, which you can visit. There are plenty of antique stores and museums for browsing through as well.

Pay a visit to the Erasmus Bridge, which is one of the city’s landmarks, featuring prominently on the cityscape. The 800 metre steel bridge, nicknamed “the Swan”, was officially named after one of Rotterdam’s founding fathers, Desiderius Erasmus.

If you’re clicking through holiday destinations, put Holland on your list, and remember there’s more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam.Venture along the Rotte River and explore one of Holland’s major international centres.


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Posted on: November 30, 2011

By admin