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As promised, Kemer is next on my Traveler’s Guide to Turkey because it is a lovely place to travel, perfect for a romantic getaway or a holiday with friends.

Why you should visit Kemer?

I must confess that when I chose Turkey for my summer holiday it was very hard for me to decide – Turkey has so many beautiful resorts that it really isn’t easy to choose which resort to visit.

Eventually, I chose to visit Kemer and I had several good reasons for that: the beautiful natural landscapes with high mountains, perfectly clean beaches and crystal clear, warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the various types of accommodation available, the local hospitality (as everywhere else in Turkey, by the way) and the ancient archaeological sites which I had the opportunity to explore.

Mark Kemer on your Turkey tourist attractions map

The exotic travel destination Kemer is located in southwest Turkey, in the province of Antalya, it is stretching along the Mediterranean coastline and is bordered by the Taurus Mountains. It is a stylish and complex resort that has evolved in recent years from being a typical Turkish village mostly inhabited by fishermen, to the state of important tourist place.

Best time to visit Kemer

Given the Mediterranean climate of this region and very high temperatures during the summer, I chose to visit Kemer in September, so I could enjoy the hot beaches of the resort, the turquoise, clear and warm water, as well as the relaxing boat rides through the mysterious and hidden coves.

During the long trips on Olympos (in Tahtali Mountains) I had the opportunity to discover the wide range of colors and shapes of the resort and admire the blue waves of the sea through the branches of tall green pines.

Göynük Canyon (a place where you have to climb rocks and swim to get a closer look) offers visitors an unforgettable view, with the nearby waterfall enhancing the beauty of this exotic travel destination.

Discover more tourist attractions in Kemer, Turkey on my next article that will close the “Traveler’s guide to Turkey”.

Posted on: October 5, 2010

By admin