Interesting places to visit in Thailand


Bangkok, one of the largest cities in Asia, has plenty of interesting places to visit – read about these places in the current article and mark them on your travel map or save the map listed below.

Cultural Attractions for Visitors of Bangkok

Considering that I chose this destination especially for its cultural travel attractions, I decided to book two more days so I can have the time to see other interesting sites too. These are the places I will recommend you to see (because my guess is that, if you will enjoy stoping at the Grand Palace, you will enjoy them too) : the Marble Temple, – a tall, white marble temple exposing statues of Buddha -, the National Art Gallery, the Lumpini Park and the Jim Thompson House – the museum is a complex of six traditional Thai style houses and was the home of James H.W. Thompson, an American entrepreneur who lived here for 25 years; he was best known as the “Legendary American of Thailand”, a man with an important contribution to the reorganization of the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and the development of the Thai silk industry.

Interesting Places to See for Animal Lovers

The animal lovers can visit the Crocodile Farm (almost 60,000 crocodiles can be seen here; also, for a few extra baht – the local currency – you can feed them or attend a real demonstration of courage held by their caregivers).
At Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute you can watch various species of venomous snakes and, if you want to watch even more species of animals, you can stop for a few hours at Dusit Zoo.

Shopping and Relaxing, Thai Style

In Bangkok, just like any other city of its size, you’ll find plenty of shops and commercial complexes, but for a unique experience I recommend you do some shopping in the Floating Market – a true aquatic bazaar consisting of boats and gondolas where you can buy exotic fruits, traditional foods, spices and manufactured objects,.
After a long day of walking on busy streets of the Thai capital and through the torrid atmosphere of the city, I recommend a traditional way of relaxation: the thai massage.

These were my travel impressions from Bangkok. I hope to come back here soon, so I can share with you more stories about the wonderful Thailand.

Posted on: October 25, 2010

By admin