Holiday in Nice, the heart of the French Riviera


It is true that Paris is the most popular tourist destination in France, but, personally, I was always fascinated by the beauty, romance and exoticism of Nice, so I couldn’t resist the temptation to visit it, last year.
In the following articles I will share with you my memories about one of the most beautiful tourist experiences I have ever lived on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea – Nice.

A holiday to remember

The few days spent on the Cote d’Azur were memorable, especially due to the wonderful holiday atmosphere that made everything else seem insignificant. Nice – “the Jewel of the French Riviera” – certainly meets all the conditions to ensure a delightful holiday even for the most demanding tourists.
Once I left the city’s huge and noisy airport (the third largest airport in France) I felt like I stepped into another world – a world where people are always relaxed and cheerful, a city with a rich night life, a fun place where you would want the time to stop so that you can enjoy the most of the local attractions.

Nice – luxury tourist destination

Although a big city – the fifth largest city in France – Nice can be described more as a romantic and charming resort. Established by the ancient Greeks, the city is currently inhabited by approximately 360 thousand people and visited by millions of tourists annually (according to the Nice Airport website, over 9 million passengers arrived here in 2009).
The economic development of the city is due mainly to its geographical positioning – Nice is a major port at the Mediterranean Sea, but lately tourism has become the main source of income for the city. In the past, the city was just a checkpoint for vessels transporting olive oil and spices; starting with the nineteenth century, however, Nice became the destination of choice for French and English aristocracy. The architectural style of old houses, buildings and monuments still preserves the legacy of that era (La Belle Epoque).

If you enjoyed reading interesting facts about the French Riviera, stay tuned for my next article on the most important places worth visiting in Nice.

Posted on: October 27, 2010

By admin