Famous Breakfast Plates Around the World


Breakfast has been regarded as the most important meal of the day. Whether or not everyone is over concerned about health and nutrition, all and sundry would love to start the day with a sumptuous meal. There is practically anything that one can have at breakfast and considering the fact that everyone is hungry after waking up, gorging on tasty foods can be even more enticing.

In every nook and corner of the world, there are some staple breakfasts. While bread toasts, cereals, oats and various versions of the same with generous doses of eggs, bacon and other types of meat have been very well known, there are hundreds of unique breakfasts that any foodie would love. Here are some of the world’s best breakfasts, which may not be unknown because of their popularity but are certainly among the most delicious, nutritious and the best way to kick start the day.

The Full English Breakfast

The English are known for their steaks, toasts and fish & chips but their full breakfast is a lavish treat. There are beans, eggs, mushrooms, bacon, sausages, hash browns and toast. Some black pudding and a cup of tea and you are completely sorted for many hours. To taste this delicious combination, you may wish to try the Holiday Inn Regents Park in London, England.

The breakfast is healthy and amazingly tasty.

An Iranian Breakfast

Iran is mostly in the news for its apparent strife with the west but Persia had always been known for its exoticism. Naan, butter or jam, halim which is a blend of butter, sugar, wheat and cinnamon and lots of shredded meat and the Iranian omelet make for a fascinating breakfast.

A Small Cuban Breakfast

Many do not like the idea of having too much food in the morning or whenever you wake up. Just some coffee and some toast works well for them and if you are like that then the sweetened coffee with milk and the indigenous Cuban bread would be mouthwatering and pleasing. The toasted bread is buttered and sliced to be dunk in the coffee. Simple, inexpensive and tasty!

The Polish Breakfast

Scrambled eggs are a favorite around the world and when they are complemented by slices of kielbasa and potato pancakes and fresh vegetables, they are a treat.

The Hawaiian Morning

The Hawaiian breakfast is perhaps what the doctors would most pleasingly recommend. Fruits, fruits and fruits are what make the Hawaiian breakfast. Pull in as many fruits as you want and gorge on them. Keep some bread and coffee handy if you want.

Posted on: April 17, 2013

By admin