Why Explore the Magnificent Mekong?


River cruises can be the perfect holiday; drifting along glossy waters, taking in the passing sights, waking up in a new location without having to drive yourself and enjoying sightseeing tours in various locations.

There are so many different places to enjoy a river cruise and while European river cruises are exciting and fun, why not try travelling along the historical and culturally rich Mekong River?

A long river with a long history

The Mekong River is the longest river within South East Asia travelling an astonishing 2,600 miles from China to the South China Sea taking in Laos passing through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam along the way. Not only is the Mekong a dazzling and very useful river that provides transport, energy, irrigation and drinking water to millions of people but it is also an amazing river to travel along during a holiday.

A river cruise along the magnificent Mekong can be a holiday to remember and there is so much to see. Drink in the astonishingly beautiful sights and soak up the atmosphere and cultures of the locations along the way. Along your journey you can visit Hanoi and explore the bustling city with so much ancient architecture. Enjoy the archaeology of Angkor and visit a local village before boarding your ship for a luxurious cruise down the Mekong. The river cruise takes in silk weaving villages, remarkable monasteries, wonderful museums, markets in areas such as Phnom Penh and a Royal Palace with a silver pagoda.

A holiday to remember

Heading towards Vietnam and into the country your cruise will then take you to a tribal village, a catfish farm, a variety of fascinating factories, a floating market in Cái Bè before heading to Southern Vietnam to spend several days in Ho Chi Minh City seeing the local sights before heading home. There is so much rich history all along the Mekong River with a vast variety of wildlife and every point in the journey has a story to tell. A river cruise along the Mekong is the perfect way to see the sights and learn about the events that have shaped the landscape along the way.

Always new places to explore

With a river cruise, often flights to the point of the cruise departure are included in the price meaning that you pay one sum that encompasses your flights to and from the cruise start and end points. With a carefully planned itinerary you won’t have to miss out on a thing or need to plan your journey – all the hard work is taken out of the process and all you need to do is arrive and have a good time!

Companies such as www.vikingrivercruises.co.uk offer a range of cruises including a cruise along the marvellous Mekong River so why not consider a cruise for your next holiday? With a variety of locations and a new place to explore every day, you will never be bored on a river cruise.

Posted on: April 18, 2013