Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada


Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada can be an unforgettable experience for you or an experience that you would never remember. While the writers of the movie The Hangover let their creative liberty loose in this work of fiction, some real tales can get far more surreal than what can be imagined. Especially if you are visiting Las Vegas, Nevada for the first time, things can become pleasantly overwhelming and you can easily get engrossed in the Vegas atmosphere so much that it would seize to become your favorite planned holiday.

A Plan is exactly what you need while visiting Las Vegas, Nevada. Millionaires seldom have a plan and they manage to do fine to an extent because of the spare money they have on them. More than 90% of people visiting Las Vegas, Nevada do not have the luxury to reserve a hot seat in a posh club for a few thousand dollars or have an expert mixologist personalizing their cocktails. There are five things very essential that you must set right before you head to Vegas.

Have a budget, split it into the gambling budget and the non gambling budget. It is not wise to keep a hefty amount aside for gambling and anticipating doing the rest of the things you want to from the money that you might or might not win at the tables or the slots. The gambling money should be further split into the number of days you intend to gamble. If you are fine spending all of it on one night and not head back to the tables then it should be fine, but if you start to borrow or stretch the northern frontiers of your budget then the trip might just go a tad haywire, a tad only if you are lucky.

The non gambling budget must be categorized into accommodation, dining, sightseeing, shopping, shows and participating in a Las Vegas city tour. Without shopping and the shows, visiting Las Vegas, Nevada would be an incomplete experience because contrary to what the movies may preach, there is more to Vegas than just the glittering casinos. The shows, throughout the year barring January, are some of the most amazing offerings of Vegas. There are free shows and those that require tickets. The tickets sold on the very day of the show often come at half price hence reserving is not necessary.

A tad away from the fine restaurants and the expensive wine, there are many budget restaurants and also affordable hotels, hence not every person visiting Las Vegas, Nevada needs to spend more than his monthly wages. If you’re looking to visit, you can compare cheap flights to Vegas here. The hard part won’t be finding a flight, it will be deciding how long you want to stay!

Posted on: January 10, 2013

By mansi