Tips for Oktoberfest in Germany


Many people have heard of the famous fair Oktoberfest, known as “die Wiesn” to the locals of Munich. It is an event held around the world, but originating in Munich, Germany. Whether you’ve attended before or plan to go for the first time here are some great tips to the best out of Oktoberfest.

* Book your accommodations as early as possible. The earlier you book your hotel and flight the cheaper it will be. Booking earlier also guarantees that you are as close to the fairgrounds as possible for the duration of your stay. There are countless great hotel options around so you won’t have any issues if you plan a little.

* Remember to pace yourself. Don’t drink 5-10 beers as soon as you get there. You have 17 days to enjoy the 34 different types of beer (each with its own tent and bottle) so take it slow.

* Don’t drink and ride. The rides may not look like much when you first enter, but when you put your beer goggles on your stomach becomes more sensitive. This will not only be unpleasant for you, but those around you as we’ll.

*Try not to vomit. Every time you vomit acid from your stomach comes up and you tear at the lining of your esophagus. Severe cases can lead to acid reflux and other complications, so it’s better to prevent it.

* It’s best to eat foods made of bread like pretzels and bread dumplings. The bread will act like a sponge and soak up any beer already in your system. If you don’t do this occasionally alcohol poisoning may become an issue.

*Drink plenty of water and use the bathroom regularly. This will help sober you up so your sense of balance doesn’t get thrown off too much. It also flushes your system of the alcohol and toxins that would otherwise build up in your liver.

*Don’t forget to visit the “oide Wiesn” or the old Oktoberfest, located right next to Oktoberfest. It’s modeled after the traditional Oktoberfest. They have their own events and rides to please visitors of all ages.

Keeps these tips in mind and have fun. Enjoy a bit of everything, but try not to get out of control or into trouble. Remember, it takes 1 drink 1 hour to completely pass through your system. Eating something before you drink will help settle your stomach so you don’t get stomach pains or cramps. Finally, take advantage of the coffee and cake and if you feel like you had “1 too many”, it’ll pick you up right away!

Posted on: January 1, 2013

By admin