The Best Breakfast in New Orleans: Places to Eat for Delicious Food


In New Orleans, you never have to go hungry – there are hundreds of great places to eat, ranging from French and Creole to Cajun and traditional American food. However, when it comes to breakfast, there are several local favorites that you should make sure to check out before leaving the city; these five restaurants serve some of the best breakfast in New Orleans.

Casual Dining

One of my favorite places to eat is Uptown Chew, a cheffy and cozy breakfast joint that also serves lunch and dinner. Located in Mid-City, they are only open until 4 PM on weekdays but stay open until 7 on weekends. The menu is a mix of traditional and innovative dishes; there’s even an entire section devoted just to beignets (French donuts). I love their eggs Benedict! My friends recommend getting a table outside when it’s nice out—the atmosphere here is great. They also have weekend specials including brunch options like crab Benedict or pulled pork benedict served with honey jalapeno grits.

Special Occasion Dining

Breakfast is a great place to start if you’re dining out with a special someone, or even just looking for something more casual than a full lunch or dinner. At SoBou, Chef John Besh blends French and American influences into a mouthwatering breakfast menu. Try an order of Grilled Pain Perdu with cheddar grits, chicken liver pâté and truffle honey. The grits may sound like a strange choice on top of French toast but they actually go quite well together.

Best Wine List In Town

One of my favorites is Bacchanal, where you can find some of my favorite wines by the glass. The food and wine selection here is fantastic; there’s a reason it’s consistently ranked among The World’s 50 Best Wine Lists. Prices are high, but that shouldn’t be surprising—Bacchanal is located inside of Central Market, which has been called one of America’s most ambitious new markets. This grocery store sells everything from potted plants to prepared food to coffee and more. However, if you want a more affordable option that also features an extensive wine list, try out Willa Jean.

Most Unique Restaurant

Cafe Beignet is an absolute must-see for any tourist who visits New Orleans. One of Cafe Beignet’s most popular items are their beignets. Beignets are fried dough that has a distinctive shape, similar to a donut but more flat. French-speaking colonists brought beignets from France and then changed their name so that it sounded more like bonnets or beehives to get around anti-French laws. These days, you can taste these treats at Cafe Beignet!

Favorite Brunch Spots

Po’ Boyz and Drago’s are two of our favorites, but there are plenty of other tasty options that fill up quickly. Here are a few places we like to stop by when we get a hankering for brunch on an empty stomach. Be prepared; these restaurants tend to be crowded so it’s smart to make reservations ahead of time. That said, most tables turn over quickly as you’ll want to grab food fast before heading out and exploring some more!

Posted on: June 17, 2022

By Daniel Johnson