Swimming in Magic: A Review of the Disneyland Hotel Pool


The Disneyland Hotel Pool has always been one of my favorite hotel pools in the world, and I haven’t been able to visit it since I was a kid! This time, I had the opportunity to take my son to visit the pool on our last day before we left town, and we loved every minute of it. Here’s why you and your family or friends should stay at the Disneyland Hotel when you visit Disneyland Resort.

The Look

Classic Disney. Like everything associated with Disneyland, from Main Street to their hotels, The Resort at Anaheim’s Disney Village-Hotel looks like it has stepped out of a children’s book. With a great collection of Walt Disney memorabilia adorning every wall, The Resort at Anaheim’s Disney Village-Hotel is sure to make any Mickey Mouse fan happy. But beyond its aesthetics, which can be enjoyed by all ages, lies some amazing swimming opportunities. No matter your swimming level or comfort with large bodies of water, there are plenty opportunities to enjoy in-water fun here!

The Feel

The most enticing feature of The Disneyland Hotel pool is that it’s located right next to its sister pools, just steps away. If you’re looking for a more secluded experience, head over to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. On-site guests have access to both pools and both hotels offer children’s play areas with slides and other fun features. In addition, both locations have their own bar and grill area where you can grab a quick bite while enjoying your time at either pool location.

Parking Options

The Walt Disney Travel Company offers an exclusive package for guests who want to park at Disney theme parks, but may not be staying at a hotel. If you’re coming to Disneyland from a short distance away and don’t have a car, or if you’d rather park elsewhere to save money, consider buying a Theme Park Parking Only ticket. These tickets allow you to leave your car at one of several off-site parking lots (usually close to freeways) and take a shuttle bus directly into either of two parks. Because they are priced separately, they are often less expensive than standard theme park tickets (especially when purchased well in advance). Buy parking only tickets here.

Hidden Gems for Families with Young Kids

The pool is a relatively quiet refuge for families with young kids. It has a winding passageway that features many hidden surprises, including a water slide, secret rooms and tree houses. What’s more, while other hotel pools (particularly at Walt Disney World) have swimmers who spend as much time looking at their phones as they do actually swimming, there are fewer such people at Disneyland Hotel—it feels like there’s less social pressure to constantly Instagram your fun. Also worth noting? The pool stays open until 11 p.m., which makes it an easy stop after an evening of visiting theme parks or just a great way to unwind before bedtime.

Notable Amenities

When it comes to staying at a hotel while visiting Disneyland, there are few better options than Disney’s official on-site property. Not only will you be able to stay within walking distance of all four parks, but your hotel room will also come with complimentary transportation between resorts and theme parks. If you prefer to drive, you can also get complimentary parking! And if you’re planning on spending time at one park or another, access is easy and convenient since they’re literally right next door. Even just walking around and seeing how much Disney magic has saturated every aspect is amazing and fun for all ages.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are many factors to consider when deciding how much you will spend on your trip to Disneyland. The type of hotel you stay at and its location, whether you plan on visiting other theme parks while you’re there, and what time of year it is are all questions that will affect your budget. If there are multiple family members traveling with you and only one adult, then booking a Disney-owned hotel might not be feasible for your situation. In terms of pricing for staying in a Disney-owned property, an average night at a standard room during peak season can run anywhere from $300-$600 depending on day/night and number of guests. During non-peak periods (November-February), however, prices can drop drastically to around $150/night or less.

Should you stay at the Disneyland hotel?

Having stayed at other Anaheim area hotels, I’d argue that staying right on property is actually a pretty good deal. Transportation to and from your hotel is free via monorail or bus, which can really add up when you have a family. Not only that, but Disney California Adventure park and Downtown Disney (for shopping) are only a five-minute walk away. However, if you’re looking for an on-property hotel with lots of luxury perks — like an amazing pool — then I recommend checking out one of Disney’s newer hotels like Paradise Pier or Grand Californian. Overall though, for convenience alone (not to mention nostalgia), it’s hard to beat staying at The Disneyland Hotel if you want to get into as much magic as possible!

Final Thoughts on the DisneyLand Hotel – Most Magical place on Earth?

While I agree that every part of DisneyLand is magical, as it IS Disney, there is no hotel more magical than Disney’s hotels. When you stay on site at a Disney park you can avoid all of those heavy traffic pre-park hours, which means less time sitting in a car or standing around with your kids waiting to go into your destination. The biggest difference between staying on site versus off-site at a Disney park is essentially being able to walk straight into your theme park, avoiding lines and opening day crowds; meaning that if you stay on-site then you literally get extra magic hours each day (including early entry to all parks) for free! And yes, I thought just as much about all these benefits as everyone else did when I was planning our trip.

Posted on: June 16, 2022

By Daniel Johnson