The Beautiful Beaches of Bali


Bali is one of Indonesia’s thirty-three provinces. It’s a paradise island nestled westward of the Lesser Sunda Islands, situated somewhere in between the western lying Java and east bound Lombok. The entirety of Bali hosts a bevy of small nearby islands, in addition to the vast eponymous isle.

About Bali

Although Bali is just one of many provinces in Indonesia, the place itself has a lot to offer to people interested in visiting the region. It’s one of the largest tourist destinations within the entirety of Indonesia. It is easy to find hotels in Bali for a realistic price. Along with its decades old tourism scene, it’s home to an incredible amount of rich history and a flourishing arts scene. Thanks to the coupling of its affinity for the arts and its already beautiful environment, Bali continues to be one of the more active tourist spots in the region.

The island province of Bali hosts many beaches. Several of these beaches are separate tourist destinations on their own. You won’t just find one type of beach gracing the shore of Bali. There’s white sandy beaches to the south. There’s beaches framed by scraggy cliffs somewhere hidden off the coast. The north and western parts of Bali host beaches covered in black sands. Whether you’re just a visitor looking to relax or surf, Bali’s beaches have something for everyone.

Bali itself is known as the Islands of the Gods, hosting a varied landscape of mountains and hills, exuberant plateaus and volcanic inclines, though barren. Being an island province, it’s home to scores of coastlines. Along those coastlines are beaches residents and visitors constantly visit each year. You can find the cheapest deals on flights to Bali here.

The Beaches

Some of the more popular beaches in Bali are those consistently visited by tourists from all over the world. If you’re wondering what kinds of beaches make up the coastal landscape of the province, here’s a few tidbits about the best of the bunch.

Candidasa. A beach area considered incredibly relaxing, though oft overlooked by tourists due to other beautiful beaches within Bali. This beach lies close to Bali’s eastern bound monuments like the Pura Besakih, the Mother Temple of Bali. Candidasa is rather tranquil, making it worth checking out of you just want to relax.

Kuta Beach and Legian Beach. Two beaches with a similar infrastructure, Legian happens to lie just north of Kuta. Kuta Beach hosts plenty of places for visitors to experience the party-oriented happenings there—it’s considered the original surfer’s destination for a reason. Thanks to this, it’s considered Bali’s most popular beach.

Legian is ranked second place as one of Bali’s most popular beaches. The ‘second place’ beach shares a similar lifestyle with Kuta, hosting many fun night life venues and plenty of beach to go around.

Sanur Beach. This beach area is considered Bali’s first beach resort. Although this fact makes it a common tourist target, it’s still integrally Balinese in spirit with most of its old-style villages and residential areas still standing today. In fact, Sanur Beach marries its Balinese culture with the newer, more tourist oriented attractions like its boutique shops, high class hotels and restaurants.

Tanjung Benoa Beach.  This is another beautiful beach in Bali that really stays true to Balinese nature. This one, in particular, primarily used to be a fishing village. Since this beach resides on a peninsula, the shore side developed into quite a bustling tourist attraction, hosting hotels, resorts and even stations for those interested in water oriented sports.

Finally, let us discuss the collective of Padang PadangDreamland, Bingin and Uluwatu. This collective of Balinese islands are rather unique in nature. The main reason is that these beaches used to inaccessible by normal patrons, blocked off by rough pathways that only traveling residential and touristic surfers were brave enough to traverse.

Nowadays, these beaches have incurred many developments to make it easier for visitors and residents to travel through. More assessable roads and pathways were developed within the area, in addition to easy to traverse inclines and walkways. It’s pretty much worth the trip, since this collective of beaches have long been considered stunning by those lucky enough to travel there.

Posted on: December 17, 2012

By mansi