Summer in the Algarve, Portugal


A vacation off the beaten path, and where a single person or family can find miles of warm beaches, and calm ocean sounds like a dream. The reality of Algarve, Portugal through is you can find the best beaches you have ever visited, but you will need to book in advance and have a definite destination in mind before you leave home. This is a great place to find beaches, golfing, swimming, and fishing. The visitor will want to either stay with the crowds or if venturing far outside the city hire a guide or book a tour.

Millions of foreign visitors flock to Algarve each year from America, Europe, and from the nation of Portugal which means there’s heavy competition for rooms and hotels. This competition can also translate to having to spend a bit more during peak times of the year especially during the summer. Booking early, and looking at very early dates in the summer or late in the season can reduce this cost a little.

The attraction for Algarve are the many islands and islets dotting the region. The city is also home to the Ria Formosa lagoon which is a nature reserve where visitors can view local wild life. The coast line facing the south however is the real draw with calm, warm water that’s comfortable for swimming or diving. Around Lagos divers find limestone caves and grottoes not to mention a number of interesting varieties of sea life.

There are miles of beaches to be found in Algarve, Portugal and while every place is inviting, much of it is not public. Hotels, families, and the city itself have control of areas of the beach. Before booking a room if you want uninterrupted time in the sun watching the waves roll in, you will want to find out if the hotel or house you rent offers beach access. If not then consider the distance between the accommodation and access to public beaches. There are many great family villas in the Algarve as well as hotels, hostels and guesthouses to match every budget.

To an extent the same is true of golf courses. There are over 30 golf course on Algarve, but you will want to know before you book about access and distance to those golf courses catching your interest. Summering in Algarve can also include fishing for those who travel into nearby towns or villages, but booking a tour or finding a recommended guide is the best option for insuring a safe and fun trip.

Posted on: July 17, 2013