Escape to the Beaches of St. Lucia


The best aspect of visiting the beaches of St. Lucia is after sampling the local food you will find plenty of places for swimming and walking to work all these calories off before returning home. Those who have visited these beaches say you will feel you are in the South Pacific instead of the Caribbean because of the breath taking views of the ocean and the rain forests.

The nearby forest hosts a rejuvenating healing sulfur springs the results of a nearby volcano. Several resorts in the area of St Lucia offer sybartitic spas. Many of these intriguing spots are overlooking volcanic-sand beaches. There are also countless ways to organize your trip with many premium resorts to choose from such as the BodyHoliday St. Lucia and others of that caliber.

St. Lucia restaurants have a style of cooking with strong french influence but with many natural local foods in the mix. Many compare the results with southwestern America’s creole foods. Among the fresh foods expect to find coconuts, papaya, avocados, limes, and christophenes. Many of the area’s resorts offer guests more familiar menu items such steak, chops, and pizzas. For something different look for local fish dishes, and you can’t leave without having at least one lobster meal.

Visiting the beach of St. Lucia also places the traveler near the islands of Saint Vincent, Barbados, and the southern side of Martinique. Island hopping isn’t out of the question because of the distance, but you will find plenty of reasons to stay put on St Lucia. Those looking for lower costs stays other than the local resorts can find less pricy stays in the city of Vieux Fort on the islands southern tip.

For many the resort stay is the better option since it usually gives the traveler immediate access to the beaches with a perfect line of sight view of the Caribbean sea. There is over 19,000 acres of beaches and forest to explore, so having a safe, quiet place to return to is a bonus, as is access to bars, nightlife, or family restaurants.

Visiting any spot of beach gives a visitor a resolve to return. Despite seasonal crowds there is no place as peaceful. Still, it’s best to stay among other visitors as much as possible, and to find recommended tours or guides if venturing off from resorts or areas advised by a hotel or rental house.

Most of the beaches thrive on natural wonders, and don’t offer much in the way of recreation such as games or manufactured thrills. Once you see the beaches you will understand no added attractions are necessary.

Posted on: July 19, 2013