Popular Tourist Attractions In Thailand


Thailand has a wealth of attractions for tourists, however because the country is so big, including all the amazing island that can be found off the coast, you’ll have to know where to look! Not only is Thailand the most popular destination in southeast Asia for backpackers and tourists alike, but it offers a diverse culture like no other place on earth.

No matter where you go, you’ll always find some new to grab your attention, and the people are so warm and friendly too. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Thailand this year, here are some fantastic attractions that can’t be missed.

Ko Tarutao

Tarutao National Marine Park stretches across 51 one islands in Thailand, and Ko Taruato is one of the best of them. Not only is it a natural wonder in itself, but the sheer beauty it is home to leaves nothing to the imagination. One of the best attractions is the wonderful and vibrant wildlife population, and from whales and macaques to deer and sea turtles, you’ll be more than surprised about how much there is to see. Furthermore, Ko Tarutao is also a great place to snorkel, and because the waters are so shallow, you only have to swim a few yards out to sea to see the stunning reefs.

Founded in 1350 AD, Ayuthaya is known as the second capital of Siam. Not only was it once the trading capital of Asia, but it was also one of the largest cities in the world at the time, with over 1 million people living there. Sadly, the Burmese army destroyed the original settlement of Ayuthaua, however its people relocated a few miles away in the surrounding hills. The leftover ruins of the old city are an amazing tourist attraction, and it all falls within the Ayuthaya Historical National park – one of the most iconic institutions in the country.

The Night Markets of Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is the cultural centre of Thailand, and it has a range of attractions to offer tourists – the night market being one of the best of them. Taking up a number of blocks in across the city centre, the night markets offer everything from food and fashion to music and electronics. If you’re looking for the infamous ‘replica’ region of Thailand, then it can be found in Chiang Mai, and everything from headphones to trainers can be bought here at a fraction of the price you’ll find in the shops.

The markets can become extremely busy during the holiday period, so it may be an idea to try and travel outside of the conventional holiday seasons. You can use comparison services to easily plan your flights, it’ll also save you some cash!

Ko Chang

If you’re looking for a beach holiday with a difference, Ko Chang is the place for you. It can be found just on the boarder of Cambodia, and its shorelines are some of the most beautiful in all of Thailand. Not only is the island home to various waterfalls and a vibrant ecosystem, but you can also experience elephant tours as well as deer hunting. It has only very recently become a recognised tourist attraction, and Ko Chang remains a lot quieter than other major islands like Ko Phi Phi and Ko Penang.

Posted on: July 27, 2013