Explore The Nightlife of Orlando, Florida


Orlando is one of the best places to holiday in the world, and if you’re travelling with your children, then the vast range of theme parks, beaches and evening entertainment will surely keep them busy for weeks. But what if you’re not travelling with your children?

Many people think that Orlando is just marketed to families with young children, due to Universal Studios and Disney Land World taking up most of people’s time. Little do they know however, that Orlando also boasts excellent entertainment for adults too, especially when it comes to night life.

In a global landscape, Orlando is a major hi-tech and industrial centre, and the industry employees around 55,000 people whilst generating over $13 billion a year. With all these people and cash floating about, these businesses pump their money into the local economy, investing in ways to keep their employees entertained outside of work. The aim is to attract people to work in Orlando, as well as keep the people they’ve already got.

There’s so much more Orlando can offer young and mature adults than a few restaurants and some karaoke however so let’s take a look at some of the best bars to take a look into whilst holidaying in the sunshine state.

Ice bar Orlando
One of the best bars in Orlando, this is a great place to visit for young couples looking to dance the night away. With the biggest and best DJs Florida has to offer playing 7 nights a week, Ice Bar has featured in the top ten places to drink in the city with a variety of local and national magazines. They’ve even appeared on the Travel Channel’s Extreme Bar-hopping show.

So what’s different about Ice Bar? Well, imagine ordering a drink in -30 degrees, wearing a huge thermal coat and gloves. This bar is home to over 50 tonnes of carved ice, with seats and tables shaped out of the frozen water. Furthermore, as it’s only 15 miles away from Walt Disney Land, it’s a great place to come a chill out after an energetic day at the theme parks.

Dr. Phillips’ World of Beer
Home to over 60 taps and 500 beers, Dr. Phillips’ World of Beer really does live up to its name. If you enjoy tasting new and refreshing beers everywhere you travel, then you’re going to really enjoy this bar, especially as the friendly and helpful staff provide excellent table service. Furthermore, with live music and entertainment, be sure to book your table in the evening. If you’re thinking about holidaying in Florida this summer, visit cheapflights to find cheap flights to Orlando.

Howl At The Moon
This is certainly the best live music bar in Orlando, and you can easily spend the night dancing away without a care in the world. Offering the latest talent from all around the state, the energy here remains high all night long, and there are some great tribute acts on stage during the week too! It’s only around ten miles from the airport as well, meaning you can jump straight off your flight and come boogie at Howl At The Moon!

Posted on: July 26, 2013