Places to see in Miami


As promised in my previous post – Miami exotic holiday destination – I will continue to review the  tourist attractions that you should mark on your Miami city travel guide.

Miami traveling is more than sunny beaches and movie stars; it’s about seeing another side of the American way of  life.

Located in the south of Florida, Miami is a beautiful city in continuous development, visited annually by millions of tourists from around the world. Visitors come here to taste the American dream and to see the many tourist attractions of the city – among the major cities of USA, Miami is the third most visited, after Los Angeles and New York.

Tourist place in Miami: Everglades National Park

During the holiday spent in this exotic American city, I booked a day to try a totally new experience within a very nice tourist place in MiamiEverglades National Park – a nature reserve with rare landforms, which houses many species of plants and animals. Everglades National Park is made up of marshy areas crossed by rivers, but also of dry areas. Here you can see many species of birds, fish, reptiles (including the American crocodile, an endangered species), mammals such as the Florida panther, grizzly bears, raccoons and more.

Nice places to visit in Miami

There are some tourist attractions that I recommend you to visit during your holiday in Miami:

  • the Coral Castle (a castle built entirely of coral, which includes a garden decorated with sculptures made also of coral),
  • the Miami Metrozoo (where you can watch several beautiful but rare and endangered species of animals),
  • the Vizcaya Museum and
  • the Children’s Museum (an educational and absolutely fascinating place for kids),
  • numerous amusement parks and the famous Miami Seaquarium.

So, there you have it – a list of the tourist attractions I recommend for your Miami holiday.

Posted on: October 16, 2010

By admin