Exotic holiday destination: Miami


Visiting North America can be a very challenging because there are so many tourist attractions and places to visit.

One of the most beautiful travel destinations that I’ve visited lately is Miami – the perfect holiday sensation and freedom that I had during the two weeks spent here, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, makes me want to come back for more.

Miami, an exotic travel mix

Miami is the capital of financial, economic and cultural development of Florida. Being an area located at the intersection of two powerful and distinct cultures (the North-American and the Latin-American culture), Miami is a complex city with sophisticated commercial centers, tall buildings and modern squares, a lot of restaurants and hotels but also with many tourist attractions, sunny beaches 

Miami Extravaganza

Today, the elegant city where, over the years, popular figures like Al Capone have found their hideout, is home for many movie stars. Their homes and luxury residences are true attractions for millions of tourists visiting Miami every year – the Port of Miami is world renowned as the place where the largest number of cruise ships arrives.

Tourist attraction: Miami Beaches

Due to its subtropical climate, Miami is the perfect travel destination all year round – the air temperature doesn’t drop below 25 degrees Celsius during the day, and the tropical beaches are always ready for tourists eager to have fun.

Miami Beach is the most famous beach in this area, especially because of its wonderful landscapes, the exotic atmosphere and luxurious hotels. Nearby lie the islands of San Marco, Palm Island, Sunset and Star – genuine pearls of the Atlantic Ocean, where tourists can enjoy the beaches with clear water and fine sand.

Discover the most interesting places to visit in Miami in my next article on this perfect holiday destination.

Posted on: October 15, 2010

By admin