Making the most out of a trip to Brazil


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Visiting South America’s most populous nation soon? While you may have been excited when you booked your tickets with TAM airlines (which offers service to all major cities and regions in the country), the time has come to compose your itinerary.

By following the tips below, you’ll get started on planning a trip to Brazil that will rank among the best you’ve ever undertaken.

1) Explore its beaches, from north to south

From tantalizing, remote paradise beaches in the north (be sure to make the journey to Jericoacoara Beach in Ceará State, as its crystal clear waters will inhabit your dreams long after your visit there), to the lively urban beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis in the south, these wonders of nature are one of this nation’s greatest assets.

Whether you enjoy surfing killer swells, or you just want to lounge beside some of the most stunning seaside scenery you’ll see in your life, making your way out to the coast for a day of carefree relaxation is a must when visiting Brazil.

2) Experience its colonial towns and cities

Unlike its cousin in the north, South America has no shortage of stunning colonial-era towns. Brazil is no exception to this rule, as it has a number of charming spots that you’ll spend more time in than you ever thought possible.

From the mix of gorgeous beaches and architecture in Paraty, to the lively celebrations of Carnival in Olinda, you’ll find plenty of places in Brazil that harken back to the way things were centuries ago.

3) Discover the Pantanal and the Amazon

Naturalists will fall for Brazil hard, as its vast interior is home to vast tracts of wetland and tropical rainforest that is considered by many to be among the most biodiverse locations on Earth.

Caimans, jaguars, and gigantic water lilies all await your camera trigger finger in the Pantanal, while the Amazon contains uncountable amounts of species of various animals – you’ll lose count very quickly as you make your way up the remote reaches of the Amazon River.

4) Feel the passion of some of the most obsessed football fans in the world

While the world’s most popular sport has its roots in Europe, the citizens of Brazil have developed a passion for football that eclipses the nations from which it was colonized.

Don’t believe us? Purchase a ticket for any club team in any major city (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, etc), and you’ll quickly learn that this isn’t just a game for most fans … it’s a way of life bordering on religion.

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Posted on: August 2, 2015

By admin