Fun for the Family in Miami, Florida


Miami is a famous city in the state of Florida that is known for its beautiful beaches. Many people head south to the winter, and typically end up in Florida because of its warm weather and beautiful sights to see.

However, some people like to go to Miami for a vacation, but if they have children, they are going to want to do things that will be fun for their kids as well. There are many family activities to do, and here is more information on fun for the family in Miami, Florida.

Jungle Island: Jungle Island was formerly known as Parrot Jungle, and is a zoological park that sits on 22 acres of land in Miami. The first major tourist attraction in Miami, the park was founded in 1936 by Franz and Louis Scherr.  For a day of fun with animals, Jungle Island has a lot of exhibits including penguins. It is recommended that a day starts early so families can enjoy the animals before it gets too hot.

Miami Museum of Science: This museum has a lot of exhibits that are child-friendly.  There are many hands on exhibits for both parents and the kids. There is also a planetarium and a wild life center that makes the price of admission more than worth it at the Miami Museum of Science.

Seaquarium: What child does not love to see dolphins? The Miami Seaquarium offers kids and adults the chance to see dolphins and a killer whale named Lolita. The seaquarium has been opened since 1955, and has attracted millions of visitors since its opening.

Monkey Jungle:  In 1935, Joseph DuMonds, and his wife, acquired 10 acres of land and placed on it six monkeys. The DuMonds wanted to observe the monkeys in his natural habitat, and from there an exhibit was born. Today, visitors to Monkey Jungle can watch the monkeys, and buy treats to put in baskets and watch them eat.

Miami Children’s Museum: This museum is dedicated to children complete, and there are many permanent exhibits that children explore like a castle, a supermarket, and a television studio. The motto of the museum is “play, learn, imagine, and create,” and every exhibit is set up just for these purposes.  The admission to the museum is $12 dollars, but the price is worth it because there are countless exhibits that represent the real world, and children will learn a lot exploring each one.

Posted on: August 27, 2013