3 Top Cities to Visit in Australia


It is impossible to make a general list of 3 top cities to visit in Australia. The country is truly a traveler’s paradise and there are hundreds of places where you can visit and spend at least a week or ten odd days without being bored or having seen and done everything. Australia is one of those lands in the world where you cannot possibly explore everything in a lifetime. However, you can explore the most popular places.

Any list of the 3 top cities to visit in whether you’re going at it alone or taking part in one of the many tours of Australia.

If you are talking about metropolitan cities or capitals then Melbourne, Sydney and Perth should ideally be the 3 top cities to visit in Australia. Melbourne is the busiest city in Australia and also has the maximum number of flights in the country, domestic and international. The city is ideal because of many reasons, of which culture would be a major one. The city is famous for its food and nightlife, cultural events, zoos, shopping districts, festivals, sports, aquariums and for the music scene. There is so much to do in Melbourne that spending three or five days may feel less.

Sydney is the second capital on the list of top 3 cities to visit in Australia. It is where you would get a taste of the country’s colonial past. The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and a climb onto its top, the beaches and many other conventional city attractions such as historical sites, museums, galleries and recreational hubs apart from pubs and clubs are the usual popular draws.

Perth is unique and different from Melbourne, Sydney and the other capital cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin or Hobart. Perth is known for its cosmopolitan lifestyles, fashion scene, nightlife, food and the ports. There are some amazing national parks a drive away from the city and the downtown area is a major crowd puller.

The list of 3 top cities to visit in Australia would change dramatically if you wish to explore the country down under in its truest sense and spirit. If you want adventure then you ought to hit the Gold Coast in the state of Queensland or places like Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Burleigh Head among others. Then there are places in and around Darwin for the fishing and charter experiences in the state of Northern Territory. Hobart and other cities in Tasmania would be pristine fun while many cities in the outback would be equally thrilling.

Posted on: August 28, 2013