Exploring the Alps in Austria


The Alps mountain range wends its way through continental Europe, offering unique and amazing sights and activities at every turn.  The Alps’ presence in Austria is no different.  If you find yourself in this gorgeous, culture-rich country, you are in luck.  After soaking in the architecture and musical delights of Vienna, an entire countryside of mountainous beauty awaits your roaming feet.  The following is a list of suggested activities that you should try to include in your Austrian holiday, once the time comes to turn your attention to the Alps.

Without further adieu, let’s begin!

1) Skiing and Snowboarding – If you are travelling Europe and Austria in winter, you are in for a treat.  Not only are the usual tourist sights empty of the hordes of foreign tourists, the icy weather dumps payloads of fluffy, white snow on the towering peaks of the Austrian Alps.  Are you a serious rider, looking for the ultimate challenge to test your shredding skills?  The world famous Olympic downhill ski run at Kitzbuhel awaits you.  St. Anton also lays down some seriously steep routes for you to explore.  Do you just enjoy cruising down something a little less advanced?  Try out Alpbach or Saalbach, resorts known for their friendliness to beginner/intermediate riders.  Looking for an incredible après ski scene?  Ischgl has a party that starts after last chair, and doesn’t stop until the sun is almost up.  If you are looking for a country with a wealth of skiing and snowboarding options, then look no further than Austria.

2) Hiking – If you arrive in Austria in the summertime, the prime activity to undertake when in the Alps is hiking. Being blessed with an array of beautiful routes through the mountains, it can be difficult to know where to go in Austria to experience these peaks on foot. Ischgl, as mentioned previously, is also quite the hotspot for those looking to go on an amazing day hike, enjoy incredible Austrian food at a mid-hike gourmet restaurant, and enjoy a great nightlife after the fact.  Looking for something just a bit more challenging?  Hike parts of the Eagle Walk, the longest thru hike in Europe at 1,480 kilometres in length.  Or plan it out properly and do the entire thing over a summer you are unlikely to ever forget!

3) Unbelievable Sunsets – When you are staying amongst the mountains in Austria, catching the sunset is a must!  There are many spots in the towns you are staying that will have an outdoor patio.  Watch the sunset with a glass of wine or beer in hand, and witness the alpenglow light up the snow-capped peaks of the Austrian Alps in a moment that will stay with you forever.  Want to experience this moment in an even more personal way?  Grab a headlamp or flashlight, and head up a mountain trail that faces the west, don’t forget your camera and a fine alcoholic drink, and soak up the outdoors as it puts on its best show of the day!

There are many things you can do to appreciate the grandeur of the Austrian Alps, but if you’re stuck, this list will get you started on a lifelong addiction to mountains.  There is no better place to get started on this benevolent affliction than in the Alps of Austria!

Posted on: October 9, 2013

By admin