Delightful Fiji Tours for Island-Hopping Buffs


It’s such a relaxing experience to lay on warm stretches of sands. Fiji however, is not just your typical tropical tourist site. It has breathtaking views and activities to offer, and this makes your exploration even more fruitful. The most worthwhile part of visiting a new place is to be aware of the cultural and historical backgrounds of the islands.

Aside from affordable trips the islands can offer, you may gain more than you money’s worth by delving deep into the Fijian heritage. There are ways to fully appreciate the islands whether you’re a bootstrapping type of traveller, or if you prefer being pampered in a cosy ambience.

A Glance through Fiji’s Historical Past

Fiji is an archipelago with tribal roots. This was even before the Dutch and English took over the islands during years of global conquests. The country has a rich cultural heritage which is passed on through legends. Stories of gods from the sea such as snakes, sharks, and turtles may be reflected by their art forms as well.

Cultural Expressions

Early inhabitants came up with rituals, to please the gods and adapt to the environment. Men would walk on fire to test their courage and as a matter of purification. Firewalking is still practiced today, and tourists can witness the tradition being relived. Some other art forms which translated from cultural beliefs are carving, textile weaving, and mixed Polynesian music.

Island Hopping Getaways

Fiji has hundreds of islands up for discovery and exploration. As Fiji holidays can be exciting, you can also check out these areas:

Viti Levu

There are two features for you to discover in this largest area of the Islands. First is its natural sceneries, and what follows is touring through cultural landmarks. Nadi Island’s attractions can leave you in awe upon observing the luscious mountains’ greeneries.

Some touring services would book ceremonial gatherings, such as Kava. This marks an official welcome, Fiji style. The surroundings of a tropical weather, plus the company of locals can be quite an amusing sight.

After seeing the mountains and sharing rituals with Fijians, the next touring site is the Sugar City (also known as Lautoka). You’ll see Islam practices at mosques. Witness chants and group worships done in the city’s sacred spot. Another huge part of the city is the market, with a variety of tropical flowers, vegetables, and fruits to choose from.

Vanua Levu

This would be the second largest area of the islands. It’s formerly known as Sandalwood, and you may find various ways to enjoy Vana Levu. Some of them include a visit to the Naag (or Snake God) Temple, touring the Wasali Nature Reserve, or having a pleasant experience while Dolphin Watching.

The Naag Temple is known to perform mysterious healing powers to the inhabitants. Priests and shamans habitually performed rituals to appease and please the believed Snake God. You’d want to take a closer look at the practices, and be amazed by the people’s celebrations and prayers.

Wasali Nature Reserve has a lot of breath taking views, along with interesting hiking trails. This would be a good area for you to take in some fresh air, and notice the wildlife within a tropical setting.

You can also enjoy the nautical species in the islands up close through dolphin watching. In the morning, or depending on your preferred time, you can schedule a yacht tour. Reserve up a cottage and nibble on some tropical fruits while you’re at it.

Other separate islands to explore are Kadavu, Taveuni, Koro, Gau, and Koro, among other destinations. You may find almost hundreds of ways to unwind and enjoy the cultural activities at Fiji Islands. Traveling to immerse yourself in festivities and sights can help you unwind and spend the holiday in a tropical paradise

Posted on: October 2, 2013