Cologne Sightseeing


If you plan a holiday in Germany, you should visit Cologne (Köln), a city that undoubtedly ranks among the top tourist attractions in Europe, a renowned cultural center in Germany, located in the North Rhine-Westphalia State.

Cologne is also a welcoming city with an active nightlife (you will enjoy numerous and top-quality clubs and restaurants), with active people with lust for life. Moreover, Cologne sightseeing tour could not be completed without the taste of traditional German beer (Kolsch), at one of the local restaurants.

Germany’s fourth-largest city by number of inhabitants, Cologne is located in the north west of Rhineland, and lies on the River Rhine. It is a city with a rich history – one of the oldest places in Germany.

Over time, Cologne has seen influences from many nations, being conquered by the Romans and the Franks, but the most important period of urban and cultural development took place in the Middle Ages. Walking through the city’s streets, we can still admire the very well preserved and managed buildings dating from the Middle Ages.

On my next post, I will give you more  information about the tourist attractions in Cologne along with some key points to mark on your Cologne sightseeing tour.

Overall, I think a  visit to Cologne is a must on your holiday in Germany.

Posted on: September 23, 2010

By admin