Tourist spots in Paris: The Tuileries Garden


My city travel review on Paris continues with one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Paris: Tuileries Gardens.

Tourists who prefer long walks through the parks and botanical gardens will be fascinated by the Tuileries Garden. Placed in the heart of Paris, between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre Museum, Les Jardins des Tuileries attract millions of tourists that come here every year to discover the multitude of botanical species and sculptures by famous French artists of the last 400 years.

The Garden was built in 1564 by order of Catherine de’Medici, after the death of her husband, King Henry II of France, but was open to visitors only in 1667.

Each of the numerous personalities who have chosen this place as a residence over time (Catherine de Medici, Henry IV, Louis XIII, Queen Marie Antoinette, or Napoleon Bonaparte) left their mark on the palace and gardens. The Garden have even survived a terrible fire caused by the Communards in 1871.

Although it has suffered many changes over the years, the Tuileries Garden is still one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Paris and a perfect place for walking and relaxing in the French Capital.

Hopefully, my city travel review on Paris has been a nice travel guide for those who are interested in visiting the most famous city in Europe.

Posted on: September 6, 2010

By admin