Top Easter Travel Destinations in North America


Much of the United States and Canada have experienced an unusually long and active winter season. With the official arrival of spring a few weeks ago, many families began looking forward to warmer weather and a chance to get out of the house to travel. Easter travel plans are very popular in the Northeast due to extended school and work vacations. This extra time allows families to gather together to celebrate the holiday or travel to popular holiday destination spots. Here we look at a few hot spots for travel over the Easter holiday.

Cultural Travel

If you are looking for a cultural experience, the following spots located on the east coast will surely fit the bill. Families can meet up with other family members to observe Easter in the peace and quiet of country settings or the hustle and bustle of the city. Consider one or more of these locations for the perfect Easter destination.

Lancaster, PA – A popular travel destination spot in south-eastern Pennsylvania, Lancaster County is otherwise known as Amish Country.

There are plenty of things to see and do in this area of the country, with Lancaster County located centrally to many of the other spots on our list. Visitors to the area will take in an entirely different way of life when observing how the Amish embrace the way we used to do things centuries ago. No electricity or gas powered cars for these folks, but plenty of history and cultural lessons abound.

New York City, NY – Broadway, the Statue of Liberty and hundreds of other attractions make New York City a must see stop on your east coast visit. Millions of people call this city home with millions more visiting the area each year. There is simply no shortage of things to do in this thriving metropolis which makes it a great place for families to meet over the holiday season.

Boston, MA – From the American Revolution to modern day landscape, this city is one of the most culturally rich in the country.

See how it all began and discover how Boston and its many residents enjoy modern living in a city ripe with historical significance.

Washington, DC – Gather the family and head to Washington, DC this Easter vacation to learn about the past, present and future of our country. The list of things to do is never-ending with museums, memorials and of course the White House.

How To Find The Best Easter Travel Deals

While many families enjoy the above mentioned destinations throughout the year, there may be some families looking for a specific Easter travel deal. To find the best deals and destinations for travel during this Easter holiday season, turn toward the Internet. Most travel agencies and popular travel websites are advertising Easter holiday destinations and deals throughout North America. You can find discounted hotel accommodations as well as cheap airfare and rental car prices. Regardless of the purpose of your travel; to get away from it all or to gather with family members to celebrate the holiday, you are sure to find the best deals at the hottest destinations this holiday season.

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Posted on: April 17, 2011

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