Top Beach Destinations in 2014


The toughest part of being a beach snob is finding new places in the globe that blow you away.  You have been to all the heavy hitters on your extensive travels … Florida in the United States, Thailand, Greece … you name it, and you’ve lain on their heavenly sands.

After picking all this low-hanging fruit, you have had to work harder to find diamonds in the rough, keeping your ear to the internet grapevine for rumors of the next below-the-radar beach destination.

Well, the chatter for 2014 has already begun, so get that pad and paper (or smartphone slide-out keyboard) ready, because you are not going to want to miss these top beach destinations for 2014! You can always go at it on your own but if you’re looking for a little more structure, always easy to find a cheap all inclusive holiday to choose from online.

1) Cyprus

Sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean, southeast of Greece and west of the Middle East lies the island of Cyprus.  While the uber-popular resort town of Ayia Napa has been known to foreign tourists for some time now, this sizable subtropical island still has plenty of tricks up her sleeve.

In fact, not far away from the throbbing bass of Ayia Napa (but far enough away to be quite peaceful) lies the empty, but secluded beach at Konnos Bay.  Rated a blue flag beach by the UN for cleanliness, you won’t be weaving in between food containers and beer cans here.  Instead, lie beneath the rugged sea cliffs that back this isolated wonder, or mill about in the crystal clear water looking for starfish, all without a care in the world.

2) Nicaragua

Despite being one of the poorest countries in the world, this eminently affordable nation’s profile is rising in the world tourism scene, as it combines value with some truly stunning beaches on its Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

On the Caribbean side, most of the brightest gems of Nicaragua lie offshore, with the Pearl Cays and the Corn Islands stealing the show with their shimmering waters, abundant coconuts, fresh seafood (lobster anyone?) and carefree lifestyle.

On the Pacific side, prevailing winds make for empty but inviting shore breaks for avid surfers, with Tola and Pacific Beach being the key draws with a mix of swimmability, head high waves, and a mellow nightlife that entertains, but doesn’t get too out of control!

3) Okinawa, Japan

Japan is more thought of as a place for urbanists, cultural enthusiasts, and skiers, but Japan is an extremely long archipelago, with Okinawa prefecture sitting firmly in the subtropical climatic zone.  It never gets colder than 15 degrees at night here, making it the perfect new getaway for beach lovers in the Asia/Pacific region.

The best sandy strip to check out in this unique corner of Japan would be Emerald Beach, which combines appropriately coloured water, with blinding white sand, and a close proximity to the urban attractions of Naha, making it a convenient part of your itinerary when visiting Okinawa.

It’s tough to keep on top of all the new best places to chill out on a paradisiacal beach these days.  Hopefully with our help, you will have found some new favourite destinations to add to your vacation rotation.

Posted on: December 17, 2013

By admin