Top 5 South America Hotspots


Central and South America are a veritable melting pot of incredible destinations that avid travellers shouldn’t miss. From jungle to tropical beach and everything in between, a South American adventure would inspire you more than you could possibly imagine. With so many hotspots to choose from, it’s difficult to narrow them down, or order them, in terms of essential destinations. Take a look at these five to help give you the kick you may need to book the trip of your dreams.

Costa Rica

When people think of South American tourist hotspots, they don’t necessarily have Costa Rica high on their list. However, you should! While Costa Rica holidays can revolve around chilling on its beautiful, tropical sandy beaches, this tiny county nestled between Nicaragua and Panama, has far more to offer. Volcanoes to hike, rainforests to trek through, culture to immerse yourself in – you name it, it has it.


Over recent years, more and more people understand the fascination with this mesmerising country and many people have it high on their to-do list. While its landscapes are beautiful in their own right, the real reason for visiting is hidden in the mass of Peruvian mountains and jungle. Home to Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan kingdom, it may take a while to trek there, but you’ll be glad you did.


One of the main reasons to have this country on your South American checklist would be to witness the spectacle that is Angel Falls, the highest waterfalls in the world. Head into the heart of the jungle for an experience you will never forget, where you’ll be met by tropical wildlife, exotic creatures and beautiful flora. Don’t forget your camera!

The Galapagos Islands

Located just off the coast of Ecuador, these islands are an absolute must if you’re an animal lover. Home to giant tortoises, sea lions, turtles and penguins, the Galapagos are like no other place on Earth, unspoilt and deeply respected by all who visit, these islands are probably one of the last remaining places where you’ll feel like you’re inferior to the creatures around you.

Easter Island

If there’s one reason to visit this island, off the coast of Chile, it’s the enormous, mysterious Moai figures – some of the last remaining artifacts that pay homage to this isolated Polynesian culture. Of course, its beaches are also a great reason for a trip – watersports opportunities are rife here, too.

South America has something for everyone – the continent is awash with destinations that belong on postcards. Start planning your adventure to see what all the fuss is about.

Posted on: September 19, 2013