Tips for Planning Tropical Trips


When the calendar flips over to September, the cold winds of the north begin to howl, just as the daylight begins to noticeably shorten.  At this time, our thoughts turn to the inevitable march towards winter, and the cold, snow, and dark days that this season will bring upon us.

Some people relish this season, taking advantage of the multiple recreation opportunities that the snow and ice provide to those not fazed by the icy wind chills that come with them.  Others however, begin to plot their escape, if only for a short period of time during this season that they loathe with a passion.  While it is important that people pursue what they are passionate about, it is also equally important that they aren’t so blinded by their pursuit of heat, sand, surf and sun, that they forget a few important details before jetting off to the tropics.

With that in mind, we have some tips to help you enjoy your time in the warm areas of the world, without getting burned by important details that you forgot.  Let’s get started…!

1) Do You Need A Visa To Enter The Country?

Nothing ruins pre-meditated beach resort fun faster than this.  In your rush to pack your snorkel and speedo into your suitcase, you forgot to take a second to check the boring but all-important travel visa requirements for visitors to the country of your choice.  Now you’re tearing your hair out in frustration because that stupid airline employee won’t let you board the plane, due to your lack of a stamp in your passport that says you have your visa paperwork in order.  How embarrassing!  Don’t let this happen to you by verifying all requirements online with a site like  Take five minutes to check to see if you need to pay a fee, or fill in a long official form, or do nothing but show up with a smile and your favorite beach attire.  Peace of mind.  It’s the new black!

2) Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

Your mother and Baz Luhrmann are both right on this very important point: wear sunscreen.  The sun down south is much stronger than you’ll ever realize, due to the angle that the sun hits the Earth in locales close to the equator.  In under an hour, most people with northern skin will find themselves doing their best impersonation of a lobster.  Additionally, sunscreen is priced rather inconveniently in many tropical countries, costing many times more for the same volume of crème back home. To dodge this, get a Ziploc bag, stock up, seal it up and save tonnes of money while staying protected from the harsh rays of the tropical sun!

3) Check the Weather Or Get Soaked … Literally

Before you hit the book button on your fabulous package vacation, take a second out and do a little research.  Do this even before you look into your visa status: check to see what the weather is like where you want to head.  “It’s the tropics, it’s warm all the time!”, you say?  True, but it’s not dry all the time though!  While the tropics don’t have winter like we do, they tend to have a period of time known as the rainy season which is less than ideal for sun bathing on beaches.  While it doesn’t rain all the time during this season, it can put a bit of a damper on your plans if conditions need to be dry and sunny, due to a constrained schedule. As such, plan ahead to avoid disappointment by choosing to travel during dry season whenever possible.

Above all else, travel is made worthwhile by keeping a positive frame of mind.  While adhering to these points will make your trip smoother, it can’t guarantee a good time.  By rolling with any minor hiccups along the way, your trip to the tropics can be a resounding success!

Posted on: September 29, 2013