Things to See & Do in Cornwall, England


Cornwall is a little more than 4 hours on road from London. Located in southwest UK, it is a tourist hotspot. There are numerous things to do in Cornwall, England and here is a quick guide to get you more accustomed.

One of the most common and obvious things to do in Cornwall, England is to head for the beach. The sun, sand and surf across the beaches in Cornwall and at a few short drives away from the county are a haven. Whether you are an avid swimmer or just someone who would like to laze at one of the beach huts, whether you love sailing or intend to indulge in some cool drinks while your family enjoys their time. The area has something for everyone and the information below can be your guide for relaxing Cornwall holidays.

If you are heading to Cornwall during the summers then you are set to have a great time in the waters. There are beach sports, water adventures and sailing to keep you occupied well enough for a weekend or for a weeklong vacation. Then there is fishing if you are interested. If you are heading to Cornwall during the winters then hitting the waters may not be desirable or recommendable but you can always enjoy the pleasure of the serenity of the landscape and the calmness of the waters.

Cornwall, for many Britons and people living in or visiting England, is the equivalent of Mediterranean beaches and towns. Once you have had your share of the beaches, you must indulge in the food, drinks and local culture. Cornwall is a haven for any foodie. Whether you are a connoisseur or not you are going to love the drinks and the fascinating seafood. True to its spirits, legacy and culture, Cornwall has some of the finest restaurants and bars in all of England. You would be amazed at the quality of the food and the unique delicacies that are served here. Eating, drinking and exploring art have to be on top of the list of things to do in Cornwall, England.

Some of the other things to do in Cornwall, England are watching a movie outdoors in an amphitheater or any of the many public outdoor screenings, spotting wildlife at, around and from Godrevy Lighthouse, visit St Ives and perhaps hop aboard for a cruise. Visiting Tamar Valley Donkey Park, some scuba diving, skating, hiking and riding should also be among the imperative things to do in Cornwall, England.

Posted on: August 25, 2013