The Rebirth of Berlin: Why It’s So Popular


With demand from tourists experiencing dramatic growth, Berlin has been thrust into the limelight and established itself as one of the top city destinations across the globe.

The number of overnight stays from January to May 2013 soared by ten per cent compared to the previous year, taking the figure to almost 10,000,000. According to the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office, in August 2012, the country registered hugely increased interest from Eastern Europe and far-flung destinations such as China and the Arab Gulf States.

So, why the sudden interest in Berlin?

Great tourist destination

With 126,000 beds, Berlin has 30,000 more than tourist hotspot New York, meaning that hotels in Berlin are more than well equipped to welcome the millions of tourists that flood into the city every year. But what are all these tourists pouring into the country for?

Berlin has plenty to offer tourists in the way of culture, gastronomy and sightseeing. The architecturally magnificent Reichstag offers a panoramic view of the city and the free audio tour highlights all the historically and culturally significant sites.

The Berlin Wall East Side Gallery is a 1.3 kilometre-long concrete section of the Wall which is now a colourful memorial to freedom after over 100 artists from across the globe painted images following its declassification.

Something for everyone

The city is a magnet for people of all ages. Rather than opting for a peaceful getaway to the beach or to a sleepy town overseas, over 55s are increasingly jetting off to bustling city breaks.

According to research by the Post Office, 15 per cent of senior citizens are making a beeline for places like Berlin, Rio and Hong Kong, to seek the thrills offered by these fast-paced urban destinations.

Berlin has plenty for the younger generation too, though. With clubs that only start to fill up at 2am, and closing time generally around 6am, Berlin is the city for round-the-clock partying and is equally deserving of the title ‘The City That Never Sleeps’.

Good business destination

In addition to being a superb tourist destination, Berlin is also popular for business trips. In May 2013, Berlin pushed Barcelona out of the top three international conference destinations to become the third most popular city for conferences and conventions in the world.

Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin, said that the city was moving to the top of international congress business, with extra event capacities, a convenient placement and the ability to handle the diversity of requests over the long-term.

Posted on: September 6, 2013