The Colorful Rovinj


If we were to describe Rovinj in three words we would say without hesitation: colorfullivelycharming. At first glance, this coquette city located in the north of the Adriatic Sea seems as if it didn’t have much to offer in terms of unique sights and attractions, but once you see the lively (although often crowded) harbor, numerous beaches, colorful houses and narrow cobbled streets, you will easily fall in love with it and get that wonderful feeling that you found the perfect spot for relaxation.

Getting There and Around

The closest airport is located in Pula, about 30 km to the south. From here you can easily reach Rovinj by car.
There are various accommodation options based on location and, of course, rates: depending on your budget, you can book a room at one of the hotels located in the center of city or you can rent an apartment or a room in a private villa. Other options could be the camping sites or the bungalows located near the beaches. Whichever you choose, you should know that the period between May and September is very busy, so it is advisable to plan your vacation to Rovinj in advance.

A colorful street in Rovinj, Croatia

The climate here is Mediterranean, with average temperatures of 22-23 degrees Celsius during the summer.

Tourist Attractions

It’s hard not to notice the beautiful colors and architecture of the houses, as well as the wonderful natural landscapes in Rovinj and its surroundig areas, including the 20 (or so) islands of the Rovinj archipelago: pristine forests, splendid coastline and unbelievably clear water beaches.

Cobbled street with blue doors and windows in Rovin

Walking through the streets of the city is highly recommended, as this is the best way to discover the neighborhoods and the medieval-style houses.

Another tranquil, old street

During your walks you should visit the Church of Sv. Eufemija – the one with the tallest tower that can be seen from the harbor (you can’t miss it!). The church houses the sarcophagus of Saint Eufemija, protector of Rovinj.

Rovinj Harbor and Sv. Eufemija Church

The harbor was and still is an important source of income for the local economy. The busyest time of the year is during the summer, when the harbor is filled with fishing and sailing boats, the cafes, restaurants and bars are open and the nightlife is active and exciting.

The harbor at sunset

One thing that some might find uncomfortable are the rocks that cover most of the beaches in Rovinj. There is, however, a choice for those who want to relax and tan on a beach with softer ground surface: they can do so on the beaches of Villas Rubin, where the rocks have been covered with fine gravel – though you will still need rubber beach shoes if you go to swim, as the rocks are not covered below the water.

Rovinj Cuisine

The local cuisine is mainly based on fish and seafood, with fishing being very popular in Rovinj. Vegetables and fruits are also common ingredients, while the cheese is prepared based on authentic Croatian recipes – in one of our future articles we will share a traditional Croatian recipe, so make sure you come back soon!

Posted on: October 20, 2011

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