The Beautiful Beaches of Spain


Spain has some of the best beaches in the world. Although Miami in Florida, US and Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia are better known internationally for their beaches and coastal locales, some amazing pristine beaches in New Zealand, some in the Caribbean and those in Spain including the offshore Canary Islands are also a treat to cherish for a lifetime.

It is extremely difficult to pick 5 beautiful beaches in Spain because there are so many that deserve equal mention. However, here are 5 great beaches in Spain that are a favorite among the Spanish, Europeans as well as foreign tourists.

Port d’Alcudia

The five miles of gentle waters with white sand beaches engulfing the velvety coastal locale is a delightful sight. It is one of the longest beaches in Spain and coupled with the fishing village and snorkeling, Puerto Alcudia is one of the best Spain has to offer. Para gliders and windsurfers find this beach featuring as one of the most preferred destinations. There are some places of historical interest as well which makes a trip to this part of Majorca an amazing holiday.


Benidorm offers a package of sorts. It is ideal for water sports enthusiasts and divers owing to waterskiing and scuba diving. The Canfali hills are perfect for trekkers. The scenery is stunningly gorgeous and the city bustling with locals and tourists make for an extremely happening holiday. The panoramic views and the tranquil waters make Benidorm a favorite on this list.

Playa Del Ingles

Playa Del Ingles not only offers one of the best beach holidays in Spain but also makes way for all kinds of tourists. Whether you are a family with kids or a group of friends on a stringent budget, there are enough accommodation options for all and sundry. The lively ambience at this beach resort is conducive to a very healthy and fulfilling holiday.


Diving, fishing, windsurfing, kite surfing, sunbathing, tasting local cuisines or just splashing with your kids in the calm waters, Corralejo offers all of these and more. The beach town is perfect for families and young couples.

Puerto Del Carmen

This is where the serenity of a beach holiday blends in with the luxury and happening hotspots of the urban cities. When you are done enjoying the wind, sand, sun and the surf, the shopping plazas, restaurants and casinos are there to offer you an indelible experience.

Posted on: November 25, 2012

By admin