The Beautiful Beaches of Mexico


From the bustling seaside of the Yucatan Peninsula, to the laid-back shores of the west coast, Mexico isn’t short of quality beaches. The large and vibrant country is famous for its gorgeous coastline, so it’s no wonder that so many people are talking about and planning on visiting Mexico this year.

Mexico is a fascinating country with lots to do, below are some ideas to help you plan your summer holidays to Mexico in 2013. Whether you opt for the charisma and sunsets of Mexico’s west coast or the pristine waters and vibrant atmosphere of its east coast, you’ll have no trouble finding a patch of sand to call home during your holiday. Every one of Mexico’s beaches comes with its own unique charm, but the following stand out from the rest as particularly idyllic:

Playa del Norte – Isla Mujeres
Ranked number one on TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice list of Mexico’s top ten beaches, Playa del Norte is the epitome of coastal serenity. Situated on the north tip of Isla Murjeres island, about eight miles off the mainland, Playa del Norte features vivid turquoise waters (“water so blue it makes the sky look pale”) shallow enough to wade out a quarter mile.

Playa del Amor – Cabo San Lucas
Honeymooners, take note: a romantic trip to Mexico’s west coast isn’t complete without a stroll along Playa del Amor, aka ‘Lover’s Beach’. However, don’t be fooled by its name – Playa del Amor is not a serene spot for couples to cuddle-up and enjoy a peaceful Mexican sunset in seclusion. This beautiful beach is actually quite popular with locals and tourists and you’ll likely find it bustling with fellow sun-seekers. Accessible only by boat (you can take a water taxi from the marina), Playa del Amor’s stunning rock formations, including the famous ‘Neptune’s Finger’, are what set it apart.

Playa Delfines – Cancun
The most famous beach in spring break hotspot Cancun, Playa Delfines is the perfect place to take refuge away from the city’s party scene. Renowned for its beauty and atmosphere, the beach is one of five Mexican beaches recently awarded an official Blue Flag certification. The sheer size of Playa Delfines will ensure you easily find a spot to lay your towel – even on the most crowded days. Free, open to the public and with plenty of nearby amenities, it’s easy to see how Playa Delfines got its reputation as Cancun’s best beach.

Playa Quimixto – Puerto Vallarta
If you’re heading to Puerto Vallarta, you’ll have plenty of gorgeous sandy beaches to choose from. However, it’s the tiny, rocky shores of Quimixto that will really show off the region’s true beauty. Travel by water taxi to this quiet corner of Puerto Vallarta and take a guided horseback ride along its small beach to a nearby waterfall. After a busy day of exploring, treat yourself to a homemade fruit pie (coconut, pecan or banana), sold by one of the local beach vendors.

With so many fantastic beaches dotted along its sunny coasts, Mexico is the ultimate summer holiday destination. Whether or not you plan to travel near any of the places listed above, there’s no doubt that you’ll encounter a brilliant beach near your destination of choice.

Image of Playa Delfines by Hazael Jaramillo used under creative commons licence

Posted on: June 26, 2013