Taste of Nightlife in New York City, USA


New York City has long been referred to as the city that never sleeps. While that does apply for the work culture as well, the exhilarating nightlife is perhaps the primary reason for such a connotation. In terms of extravagance, New York City nightlife can easily be pitted against that of Los Angeles or more precisely, Hollywood, with the only difference being that LA clubs and hotspots would be graced by celebrities primarily from the entertainment industry and the NYC clubs or lounges would count the celebrities in the financial world and fortune 500 companies.

There are several types of nightlife in New York. The most luring and fascinating is the world of posh clubs. With scores of elite clubs where exclusivity is at its finest, there are many ways to live the good life. High flying professionals and people with deep pockets would be the patrons of such hotspots. Others who manage to whisk in at these elite joints are those who have significant connections or hail from a network of influential friends. The cover charge itself at these havens can appear to be a bolt from the blue.

Two other prominent kinds of nightlife in New York City are one that the tourists sign up for and another that the residents of the city and the surrounding areas indulge in. There are hundreds of bars in this cosmopolitan city. From some that had been built in the 19th century or earlier to some absolutely new destinations built only a while back, there are numerous joints where you could head to. Whether or not you are a connoisseur, New York nightlife can make you one. You can explore some of the finest cuisines, gourmet or roadside snacks, some of the best wines and also some of the weirdest cocktails.

Innumerable things make up the nightlife in New York City and it is not all about clubbing. Games, concerts, masquerading with friends, driving around the city, albeit safely, and heading to various events that are normally on throughout the year and more so on the weekends, are all integral to the nightlife in the city. Luckily getting there is easy as there are plenty of cheap flights to New York.

To make the most of your nightlife in NYC, you can spend a lot of money or less but have your friends along. You may choose to wake up with or without someone, but you certainly will not wish to find yourself alone in the gigantic nightlife of the Big Apple.

Posted on: February 18, 2013