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When one thinks of Scandinavia, their mind often shifts to many things.  Spectacular fjords in Norway.  The urban charm of Stockholm, Sweden.  One place that doesn’t get enough due attention is the very far northern region of Finland.  Widely known as Lapland, this area holds many charms for visitors willing to make the trip north of the Arctic Circle.  This article will talk about the many sights, attractions, and activities that you should not miss during your time in Finnish Lapland.

1) 24 Hour Sunlight (The Midnight Sun) + Golf – Ever wondered what it would feel like if the sun shone brightly in the sky at say, 3 AM?  Well in Lapland, seeing how most of its territory is situated north of the Arctic Circle, the sun never sets for a period ranging from several days in the south, to well over a month or more in the north.  Take advantage of this perpetual daylight by renting some clubs and hitting the fairways of Finnish Lapland’s golf courses.  Levi golf course is Finland’s northernmost, thereby guaranteeing the best light when you decide to play 18 at 11pm!

2) The Northern Lights – Being so far north allows the electromagnetic light show known as Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights to be seen much more frequently than in more southerly locales. This amazing display of nature at its finest is best seen in winter time, on either side of the polar night (Dec-Jan), when temperatures and weather conditions can tend to be at its frostiest (-50c) and stormiest.

3) Skiing in the Levi Fells – Looking to make some tracks after an illuminating night viewing Aurora Borealis?  Then head to the Levi Ski Resort and choose between tearing down downhill pistes, or a peaceful day spent gliding through the fairytale trees of Northern Lapland on cross country skis.  With regard to the former activity, pistes in Finland are generally mild, making a day at Levi Ski Resort a family-friendly way to spend a crisp Finnish winter day outside.

4) Pay Santa Claus A Visit – You heard it here first.  Santa’s lair has been found … and is not to be missed on any Finnish Lapland trips.  Santa Claus Village, located just north of Rovaniemi, gives you the opportunity to check out his workshops, get a special stamp from the post office, as well as meeting with the man himself.  Located nearby is Santapark, a subterranean amusement park bound to excite all your kids, young and old.

At first glance, it may seem that there isn’t much to this expanse of land in the subarctic latitudes of Scandinavia.  But upon closer examination, Finnish Lapland has plenty of outdoor and indoor attractions to keep you engaged and enthralled by what a largely unknown corner of the world has to offer!

Posted on: October 16, 2013

By admin