Luxurious Hangouts in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is an achingly cool city at this very moment in time. After a tumultuous history, it’s finally coming into its own as the South American economy booms and more and more visitors than ever are setting out to explore it.

Like most cities the world over, there’s everything here from ultra-luxurious hotels to spas and fine dining restaurants. Also, Buenos Aires should definitely win a prize for being the best city in which to spend cash. Take your cue from the porteños (locals) and head to the city’s most fashionable hangouts for the best time.

1. Catch the game at Campo Argentino del Polo

Argentinians love their horses, and they adore sport – so it follows that they are huge fans of polo. In the well-heeled district of Palermo, this 1918 stadium is home to the most important championships in the global calendar. November and December are the best months to catch a good game of the Argentine Open here. If you’d rather get involved than simply spectate, several day trips offer out-of-town polo days on ranches, where you’ll learn the basics with the help of top, extremely well-trained polo horses, and finish the day with a delicious asado (barbecue).

2. Rummage through Recoleta

After dancing all night, there’s nothing the locals love more than a spot of shopping. And the city can certainly deliver. The district of Recoleta is a sumptuous mixture of art galleries, and posh cafes for a hot beverage and cake. You’ll find top-notch Italian labels alongside less well-known but equally desirable South American brands. And you’ll find the staff to be less snobbish and far friendlier than those in New York or Milan. Leather goods are a great purchase here.

3. Sip and shimmy in L’Abeille

Shop ‘til you drop in Recoleta, then head to the neighbourhood’s hottest bar afterwards for a rewarding cocktail. The upstairs smoking room is usually packed with beautiful people in their latest designer purchases and the downstairs cut glass bar serves up rare spirits and aperitifs. DJs spin the decks and a ridiculously elegant selection of bar snacks includes oysters and Uruguayan caviar. Chic L’Abeille is busy every night of the week.

4. Fine dining with a global twist

Argentinians are justly proud of their fantastic cuisine, but the people of Buenos Aires have been so keen for the city to reach its status as a world city, that the best restaurants often specialise in overseas fare. The top French bistro in town has to be La Bourgogne – the beef here will rank among the best you’ve ever eaten. Nola is regularly rated as the very best place to dine. To a background tinkle of live jazz, the chefs here serve up dishes inspired by classic New Orleans cookery, fused with local traditions. Try the crab, shrimp and okra gumbo.

5. Intimate tango lessons

There are plenty of places in the city offering places to watch and learn tango. It’s easy to find yourself in a seedy hall with a bar serving warm bee, but the folks at We Are Tango have got the experience perfectly arranged. With group sizes of no more than 20, opt for the dinner and show option for a well-rounded and sociable evening with unlimited wine. The menu is amazing, and afterwards you’ll be joined by a live band and host of expert dancers. With a history lesson thrown in by your host, this is the best way to appreciate the art of tango.

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Posted on: January 31, 2013

By mansi