Have Your Beach And Enjoy It Too: A Thai Holiday In Hua Hin


Many folks dream of the stereotypical tropical paradise beach, prodded on by the perennially bad weather in many parts of the temperate world throughout large tracts of the year.  They dream idealistic dreams of an empty beach, delightfully fruity drinks delivered by friendly locals and a general atmosphere of relaxation, only to be let down by the reality that most tourist areas find themselves in these days.

Aggravating touts, throngs of people crowding onto a shrinking strip of sand like sardines in a can, and jaded service industry people is the sad state of affairs in many places, leaving many an optimistic holidaymaker left wanting.  However, there is a resort even in a place like super popular Thailand where one can find an off-the-beaten track aesthetic, and Elegant Resorts Luxury Thailand Holidays offer packages to it.

That locale is Hua Hin, a small city situated on the Northern portion of the Gulf of Thailand that is popular with Thais and in the know expats, but few other foreigners. So what does one do in this out of the way place on holiday? In the paragraphs below, we will profile three different things that one can fill their holiday time with during a Thai holiday in Hua Hin.

Lifestyles of the Royal and Famous

The charm of this city has appealed to many local Thais over the years, not the least of which has been the Thai royal family.  Since 1929, the royals have often spent the hottest months of the Thai year (March and April typically) here, which has a commanding view of the sea, and gorgeous ornamental garden that the public can enjoy when the royals aren’t using their summer home.

Welcome to Duffer’s Paradise

If hacking at a dimpled white ball figures among your favourite passions, Hua Hin makes for an excellent holiday base, as there are no less than seven well-appointed golf courses within easy reach of the city centre. Courses like Black Mountain have hosted professional golf tour events in the past, while the relatively new Sea Pine grants stunning views to complement its links style setup.

A Beach without the Maddening Crowds

Finally, no discussion of a seaside resort can conclude without discussing the qualities of the beach itself.  While it does not carry the prestige of the more famous resorts to the south, it does not lack in the beauty department, while retaining close proximity to urban amenities.  Watersport lovers will gain a great deal of enjoyment from Hua Hin, as jet skiers, wind and kitesurfers can be found here in abundance.

Get Away to the Beach Resort that is Hidden in Plain Sight

Despite the fact that Hua Hin is a major city situated on the highway between Bangkok and the major resorts of the South, it remains underpopulated in spite of its many assets.  As this might change at some undefined point in the future, it is best that you discover it before the masses eventually flood in en masse. 

Posted on: April 6, 2014

By mansi