Get there before the tourist hordes do: best beaches in Cuba


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With the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States, hordes of uncultured tourists from the latter country are set to invade in a manner that will change the face of the tourism industry in the former.

The best beaches in Cuba are therefore best experienced now than in five years: check out the ones below before everything changes forever…

1) Varadero

Well established as one of Cuba’s most famous package tourist destinations, Varadero lives up to the hype as a world class beach.

Stretching uninterrupted for more than 21 kilometres along a thin sandy peninsula, its aquamarine waters and pitch perfect sand have given rise to over 50 hotels and resorts, giving the incoming tourist plenty of choice as to the type of all-inclusive experience they want to have.

If you don’t have the scratch for the more expensive places, there are plenty of cheaper casa particulares in Varadero town at the base of the peninsula.

2) Playa Ancon

If the thought of bunking down in Varadero if fanny-packing toting tourists gives you the shivers, then perhaps Playa Ancon might be a better choice for you.

Located steps from the cultural powerhouse of Trinidad on the southern coast of Central Cuba, you can experience the history, food and traditions of the Cuban people, while only being a short distance from a sugar white beach that has no shortage of tourist comforts.

Explore cobblestoned streets one day, sip fruity drinks on a sun lounger the nest – what’s not to love?

3) Cayo Largo del Sur

Located within an easy flight from Havana, Cayo Largo del Sur is the perfect place for those exploring the attraction rich but hectic streets of Cuba’s capital to get away from the noise and fury for some well-earned R&R.

The crystalline water, easygoing vibe, and the lack of stressful stimuli on this tiny island will induce a sense of relaxation unlike any you have experienced before.

The expansive lagoon will draw you in for hours at a time, so don’t forget to apply water-resistant sunblock before heading out to the beach for the day.

4) Playa de Morales

A tantalizingly deserted beach located just off a fishing village on the northeastern coast of Cuba, Playa de Morales is a place that probably won’t be found by mass developers for a few years yet (though who know what will happen with the impending admittance of Americans to Cuba).

For now, one can enjoy the innocent day to day routine in this bucolic place. Enjoy the bounty of this community’s catch in the evening, as you will find it hard to find fresher seafood anywhere else.

Posted on: February 13, 2016

By admin