Enjoying The Beaches Of Barcelona


Barcelona is known for many reasons, right from its heritage buildings, mesmerizing architecture of medieval times and pre industrialization era to the home ground of Xavi, Messi and company. The fine weather, food and culture are the other elements that draw people from all over Spain, Europe and beyond to the second most important city in Spanish mainland.

However, very few people treat Barcelona as a beachfront or seaside destination as well. It is perhaps because unlike the famous beach destinations in the world ala Miami, Goa, Gold Coast and Pattaya, Barcelona has much more than that to offer. It’s also a cultural hub with a vibrant nightlife. There are many great options to find accommodations such as Oh-Barcelona.com whether you want a hostel, hotel or short-term apartment rental.

Barcelona is blessed with quite a few beaches in the city’s administrative area and some more beyond the city limits. Moving through the historic neighborhoods, exploring the museums and centers of fine arts, enjoying the music scene and also partying at the popular nightclubs and the events can become even more invigorating when you explore the beaches as well.

The beaches at Barcelona have a lot to offer. You would find many beach sports at your disposal including volleyball and although football is not a beach sport, you are in Barcelona hence cannot avoid indulging in a few shots on the beaches as well. The beaches have white sand and are not as hot and humid as many popular beaches in the world can get during summers. The cool waters of the Mediterranean can be blissful and it would be a treat even if you were in Barcelona on the hottest day of the year.

Relaxing on the clean, tidy and vibrant beaches while sipping some Mojito or drink your choice can be unwinding. Getting a foot massage and lazing down while reading a book and enjoying the views can be refreshing. The foot massages are really good and if you love gazing at the seas watching fishermen boats, yachts and even the occasional warships going by then you can really have a nice time.

Barcelona is not specifically known for its beachside or beachfront parties but there are events that you can head to. Along the beaches of Barcelona there are numerous shopping arenas including fish markets and the likes. Albeit you would have to walk a fair bit but if you love fresh food and some really affordable stuffs then you should explore this opportunity.

Enjoying the beaches of Barcelona should be on everyone’s itinerary as without it your experience of the city would be incomplete. Among the beaches of Barcelona there are areas that are reserved for the nudists and you can stay away from those areas if you are faint hearted.

The simmering sun, white sands, local delicacies, cocktails, cool waters, some sailing if you want, gazing, people watching and some games are just a few things you can do at the beaches of Barcelona. Once you are done exploring the history and culture of the city on a day’s to do list, it is an ideal time to indulge in some calm and replenishing moments

Posted on: January 23, 2013

By admin