Cool Things to do in Chicago, USA


When planning on visiting Chicago what you do really depends on the time of the year you end up getting there. Chicago isn’t just a windy city, but in the winter it can be quite the cold and snowy city. In the summer time it can also get quite hot.

Whenever you get there though there will be a huge variety of things to do, places to go and fun to have. As one of the major cities in the USA, it’s always easy to find quality accommodation regardless of your budget. There are countless quality websites for booking hostels or hotels such as Hostelbookers.

Chicago has one of the best botanical gardens in the world. Even if you think you might not be too interested in this kind of location, rest assured the environment and the things you will see inside will sway you to become a true lover of this garden. It has some of the most diverse species of plant life in the area and some things you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is another place that you can go year round in Chicago. As far as zoos go they can really be hit or miss. Some are large and lack luster, but the one in Lincoln Park has a huge variety of animals so everyone can see their favorite, but also maintains very high cleanliness standards so the exhibits are actually enjoyable and not depressing.

One of the lesser known aspects that Chicago thrives in is theatre. Within the city limits of Chicago there are over 200 theaters. These locations have everything from broadway to dance to unique one of a kind productions. There’s a show for everyone just waiting to happen and the memories will last a lifetime.

Another great thing about Chicago is the art. The city is bathed in art from edgy street art and new school artists rocking the streets to the most delicately painted high quality museum art galleries. If you have any respect for art or creativity there are more galleries and museums than anyone could possibly go to in just one trip. An art lover’s dream in one city.

Chicago is also known for their music. Live music is a dime a dozen and people flock from all over the United States to see the newest up and coming sensations out of Chicago’s night life. They also have a symphony orchestra which is one of the best in the nation for classical music buffs, and the jazz era that was booming in the 1950s never left either.

Posted on: February 14, 2013

By admin